Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Lisa - The Call of Oswalts

The v8.5 update added an extended quest for Lisa. These quests continued the story from Adelina's Extended Quests, but from Lisa's perspective instead. The first quest triggers when you first moved to town (e.g. Coimbra) after meeting the requirements. The following quests must be done in sequence. Unless otherwise stated, you must have Lisa in your team to initiate all NPC dialogues. You do not need to bring Lisa for monster hunts.

For Sword 2, the gender of Tora is really inconsistent, sometimes male, other times female...

[125] Reunion With Lisa
Requirements: Completed Adelina's Extended Quests.
Reward: 1 Shiny Crystal Chest.
Details: Lisa wants to know what happened to Bardi's son, Tora. Adelina decides to be coy, and asks Lisa to come to her shop instead.
  1. Talk to Lisa in Coimbra. Adelina (not Adelina the Pirate) must be in the team. You do not need to remove Lisa from the team.
  2. Talk to Adelina in Coimbra. Lisa must be in the team.

[125] Adelina's Request
Reward: 1 Training B Card (Stance EXP +500,000) or 1 Honor Card (various types).
Details: The weapons in Adelina's shop deteriorated while she was away in Viron. Now, she wants to repair them with Enchantment Chips. But really... she just wants Lisa to slave away for her as a sort of bitchy retribution before revealing Tora's location.
  1. Talk to Adelina to give her Lv.88 Enchantment Chips. Adelina automatically takes all the chips in your inventory, up to a maximum of 60. Each delivery increases her friendship by 1-3 points plus 1 point per chip. Reward for 60 chips is Training B Card. Delivering less chips will reward Honor Cards instead, e.g. Honor G Card (50 chips), Honor D Card (40 chips), Honor B Card (10 chips), Honor A Card (~5 chips), etc.
  2. Repeat (1) above until her friendship reaches 500 points. You can do this once per day. This usually takes at least 9 deliveries, using up about 490 chips.
  3. Talk to Adelina again after her friendship reaches 500 points or more. 
Tip: If you have unwanted Lv.84 Enchantment Chips (e.g. dropped by monsters in Errac), you can gamble them with Tiburon in Gigante Port to upgrade them to Lv.88. Training Card will help with leveling pesky stances, while Honor Card gives you more reputation points, so decide what you need more.

[125] Search For Tora
Reward: None.
Details: Lisa mentions that only 1st generation pioneers like Adelina would wish to visit Viron out of nostalgia when the ban was lifted. Nevertheless, she goes to Viron with directions from Adelina to find Oswalts.
  1. Talk to Oswalts in Viron (H11).

[125] For the Family... (1)
Requirements: Family Lv.30, Master Lisa.
Reward: 3 AM's Boosts (Event), 3 Veteran B EXP Cards.
Details: Lisa reveals that she grew up with Tora as Bardi took care of her after she became an orphan. She claims that Adelina wears her eye-patch because she doesn't want to show her injured eye. Oswalts then asks Lisa to become a master first before she can even face Tora.
  1. Talk to Oswalts in Viron (H11), after Lisa reaches Master level.

[125] For the Family... (2)
Reward: 3 AM's Boosts (Event), 3 Veteran B EXP Cards.
Details: Oswalts gives Lisa one final test before revealing that Tora is probably inside Lucifer Castle. He also requests to see Adelina.
  1. Kill Elmorc (L106 Human) in Frozen Wastes or Katovic Snowfield.
  2. Kill King of Covetry (L110 undead) in Bahamar Underground Cave (D5 or I8).
  3. Kill General Guard (L112 Daemon) in Secret Tower Pinnacle.
  4. Talk to Oswalts in Viron (H11).

[125] Broken Relationship
Reward: 3 AM's Boosts (Event), 10 Veteran B EXP Cards.
Details: Lisa promises to resolve the blood feud and the vicious cycle of vengeance, but Adelina maintains her stance to wait for Tora's return for revenge in Coimbra. Adelina refuses to see Oswalts.
  1. Talk to Adelina in Coimbra. After this, Adelina refuses to talk to you if Lisa is in the team.

[125] The Call of Oswalts
Details: Oswalts wants Lisa to look after Tora. The last 3 quests are available only in v9.3.0.
  1. Talk to Oswalts in Viron (H11). 

[125] The Location of Tora
Details: Lisa attempts to enter Lucifer Castle, only to be beaten by the Red Hair Fighter.
  1. Trigger a non-combat mission in Crow Forest (C4). Lisa must be in the team.

[125] Injured Lisa
Reward: [Blitz Assault] stance book.
Details: Lisa went back crying to Oswalts. The old man gave her his legacy.
  1. Talk to Oswalts in Viron (H11) to receive reward.

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Jack said…
50 Chips: Medal of Honor G
40 Chips: Medal of Honor D
less than 5 chips: Medal of Honor A

May not be 100% accurate, I did this quest a long time ago on sGE.
Ashardalon said…
Thanks for info. Updated.
Valerhia said…
Concerning KOG kill count, will killing TA's KOG count as a quest kill for this quest?
Ashardalon said…
No, it doesn't. I doubt the ones in Jormongand mission will count either.
Jack said…
It is still a question whether the bosses from the Martial Artist quest count toward the kill count.

Another tip might be to save the chip gathering until the update which gives Blitz Assault. By that time you can break level 88 equipments for more than 1 chip if said equip goes +5 or higher.
Sjhkitten said…
You do not need to remove Lisa or Adelina from your MCC. I finished the first set of extended quests with both in my MCC, and then went on to talk to Lisa and Adelina to start this one.
i just finish the lisa favor rate of 500 now im starting adelina. cant start the quest right away? cause for the first day i talk to adelina she always says "she is not iron man" and with 0 favor rate. :(
Ashardalon said…
You need to finish the entire Adelina's sub-quest first, including the part about killing Wahlansche and talking to Oswalts.