Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Sword 175: Angel Camael's Crossbow

Brisingamen (Karjalain) and Selvaria (Selva) collected more Ancient Runes in Errac, reaching Expert Lv.4 and Veteran Lv.8. Willikins (Raven) reached Expert Lv.5 while collecting Strange Spheres. Zarathustra (Lionel) gained 3 Veteran levels inside Castilla Mine. This was enough to raise the family to Lv.51+0.

Our symbol collection for this week was really junk - 2 Symbols of Sagittarius, 2 Symbols of Leo, and 2 Symbols of Virgo... basically, all the cheap symbols. We also got L96 Elite La Suma Sacerdotisa (blunt) from Occulta Bounty Hunt. It wasn't much, but at least something from the usual loot of Honor Cards and Expert Tokens. We opened 6 Reward Boxes of Supply, and received 2x5 Mystic Potions (Event), 2x4 Training A Cards, 2 Veteran G EXP Cards, and 3 Veteran B EXP Cards.

We purchased another weapon for Artemisia (Calyce) again - Angel Camael's Crossbow. Unlike last week's lucky upgrading, this weapon greedily consumed 720 Upgrade Accelerators, 20 Lacquers +5: Expert, and 18 Lacquers +6: Expert. Since we had stocked up some Gold previously, we still managed to pull the upgrading off. The enchantment used up 73 Veteran Enchantment Chips and Enchant Sedatives.

This week, we managed to participate in our 2nd Legion War as mercenary on the Republican side. It was really laggy though, so there was some problems with character control. We tried out the PVP aspect, and got a few new war medals. By the end, the princess ordered a retreat and the Republicans won. Gerard rewarded us with 6 AM's Boosts (Event) and 5 Expert G EXP Cards. If we can make it next week, we will probably try out the rescue/support aspect. After the war, we joined a raid on Joaquin Underground Prison... and received 1 x disconnection.

There is also a Lunar New Year Event that will end on Feb 01, 2012. This seems to be an imported event, as other regions also have the same event, such as IAHGames' Lunar New Year Event. We will wait until next week before trading in our Lucky Pouches.

The Devourers have introduced 2 new boxes in the Bazaar (250 Gold each) - Quinzel's Penderie & Raiden's Angel IX. The new items are Blue Serpent Costume (m/sco), Capitaine Hair (m/wiz), La Fleur Ecarlate Costume (f/ele), Iberis Costume (Brunie), Angel Raquel's Rifle (AR 33), and Dragon's Fury Rifle (AR 32). There are also 3 new Costume Jewels (30 days) available for 245 Gold each. Speaking of Raiden's Angel boxes, we previously opened 75 boxes... and got nothing of note. No weapon dropped at all, just lots of Elite Treasure Chests.


RedEyes said…
Every new post, I see you getting some odd of 10 symbols a week. You have so much wealth but only spent $30 so far... what's your secret?

Is sGE and and US server really that different?
TD3 said…
How you get Caly's Blue Scorpion costume already? Is that sGE? D:
RedEyes said…
No, I hail from sGE and we don't have that yet.
Ashardalon said…
Nay, only got about 5 symbols per week. Mostly from missions, like Griffon and Team Arena.

Compared to Rembrandt server, the relative price of non-cash item (in terms of cash items) is higher in Orpesia server. This makes it easier for low budget players.

Caly's Scorpio costume is not available in-game yet. It is based on character modelling.