[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

GE-SG v9.5 Update

Singapore servers have updated to v9.5. Patch download is available here. For a more comprehensive patch notes based on Korean servers, see v8.6+ Patch Notes (Unofficial List) forum topic.
 More feature articles should be upcoming. I will update this post when that happens. I will just touch on a few other details not elaborated in the patch notes...

New Stance Books
[Rapida Espada] and [Efreet] stance books can be purchased from Master Guardian NPC for 1 and 5 Promotion Recipes - Stance. Others are available from Emilia. In addition, Stimulation Scroll - Expert (Event) can be purchased in Bounty Hunters' Guild for 60 Expert Tokens.

Montoro's Ring
Viscount Skull Ring can be dropped by Lv.97 Frenzied Ravyn the Unholy (1/22), Lv.97 Ancient Frenzied Ravyn the Unholy (1/25), Lv.118 Montoro (1/20), and Lv.118 Montoro (1/1). "Montoro" probably refers to the one that sometimes appear inside Garim raid mission.

Old Journal Shop
The dish recipe shop in Abertal (D8) has a few new recipes, including the "Great" version of the dishes, which lasts for 1 hour. Each great dish recipe requires 35 units of Old Journal #1-3.

Mid-Autumn Festival Event Shop
For some reason, the game is currently having an event for mid-autumn festival... This involved collecting Chestnuts. Trade them to Panfilo in Reboldeaux for 1 great dish or Camile in Coimbra for other rewards (see below).

New Character Profiles
I will post the ones for the rude loli and doormat alchemist...