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GE China 2: Server Shutdown

The second publisher of Granado Espada for China, 九合, has not been updating for some time, so I got tired of finding nothing new and stopped visiting their website for news... Uh, it turns out they have officially shut the game down since July 31, 2014. (I didn't even notice until now.) They compensate all existing cash shop credits with 50% bonus by converting them for other games.

According to the official notice - 《卓越之剑II》停止运营补偿公告 :


九合 ran the game for 3 years since March 2011. The history of the servers in China are:
  • 10/2007 - 九城 opened servers.
  • 11/2010 - 九城 shut down servers.
  • 03/2011 - 九合 opened servers.
  • 07/2014 - 九合 shut down servers.
See also Granado Espada 2: China and GE-China RIP for more details.