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Patch Notes v26.06.26 ~ v26.15.66

The following post summarizes changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. American server is STILL stuck at v23.97.53. See Patch Notes page for other versions.

  • Fixed some quest issues for Symphonia Episode 1 scenario.
  • Fixed ammo and skill bugs for Amy and Cadet Amy.
  • Fixed multiple spawns of bosses for Boss Rush event.
  • Fixed Fur Supply quest for Bristia Favor Rate.
  • Fixed AI issue of Talos.
  • Fixed issue for Recruit Amy quest and Imperial Tactics low effects.
  • Started Hot Time Event .
  • Started Exceptional Support EP1: Character Event for 6 weeks.
  • Started Numbers Game Event .

  • Revised Pioneering System.
    • Update scores on first Thursday of every month (after maintenance).
    • Purchase points will be given according to pioneering ranking.
    • Every odd month (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11), the points will be summed up. Purchase points will be reset to 2 months.
    • Example: Jan 2016 = Dec 2015 + Jan 2016 purchase points. Feb 2016 = purchase point initialization.
    • Add Recipe - Kurenai (15k points) and Recipe - Enhanced Accessory (80k points) to S-SSS rating shop. Not subject to discount.
  • Modified Devil Weapon daily quest.
    • Reduced Corrupt Elminor Hunt from 2 to 1.
  • Modified Imperial Tactics stance.
    • Fixed issue where characters cannot act when buffed.
    • Operations A/P/O changed to be proportional to skill caster's ATK Rating when affecting monsters.
  • Modified Lumber Camp Disaster party mission.
    • Monsters disabled debuffs in veteran level mission.
    • Fixed recovery supply bug.
  • Started Alphabet Event.
    • Kill monsters in field to collect alphabets to make "GRANADO ESPADA".
    • Reward includes Enhanced Enchantment Tranqilizers.

  • Modified some stances/skills. See table below.
    • Skills are at Lv.10 unless otherwise stated.
    • Pistol stances include all stances which uses pistol in left/right or both hands.
  • Added damage meter function to scarecrow in Thueringen Lakeside.
  • Modified selection of these areas as start point - Ustiur Base Camp, Viron, Kielce, Armonia.
  • Modified Joaquin Barrier Siege mission, relating to elite monsters.
  • Modified use of Soul Crystal when MCC control has a problem.
  • Fixed Dancing Magic use of Elemental Spheres.
  • Started Exeptional Support EP2: Armor Event for 4 weeks.

Pistol Before Change After Change
Basics Max critical 50% Max critical 75%
Cobra Before Change After Change
Basics Penetration +15, drunk damage x1-1.5 Base ATK +15%, Penetration +25, drunk damage x1.5-2
Shooting Cannon Cool 20s, ignore DEF 40 Cool 15s, ignore DEF 50
Breaking Storm Cool 25s Cool 18s
Undress Waltz Cool 28s, heavy armor 100%, light armor 120% Cool 20s, heavy armor 125%, light armor 110%
Demolition Roar/Bane Before Change After Change
Basics Max movement 6.5 Base ATK +20%, max movement 7.5
Killer Instinct Damage +10% per 10% HP decrease Damage +20% per 10% HP decrease
Diable Before Change After Change
Roasting ATK 1000% ATK 1300%
Jullian ATK 980% ATK 1274%
Asche ATK 1040% ATK 1352%
Freeandis ATK 1600% ATK 2140%
Soul Guard Before Change After Change
Change Position - ATK +10% or damage -10% vs. monsters
Spin Combination ATK 1516%, ignore DEF 50 ATK 970%, ignore DEF 60, Mortal Wound 70%
Chain Direction ATK 1288%, ignore DEF 50 ATK 1674%, ignore DEF 60, increase damage if Mortal Wound
Gust Bringer ATK 1148%, ignore DEF 50 ATK 1492%, ignore DEF 60, increase damage if Stun
Devastator Cool 30s, ignore DEF 50 Cool 24s, ignore DEF 75, increase damage if Mortal Wound, Stun, or Darkness
Soul Bringer Before Change After Change
King Spirit - ATK Rating +1
Blink Blow ATK 1180%, ignore DEF 50, min range 4m. Soft armor 100%, heavy armor 125%. ATK 2360%, ignore DEF 60, no min range. Soft armor 125%, heavy armor 150%.
(Icy) Ambrosia/Montoro Before Change After Change
Deadly Chain Heavy armor 100%, light armor 100% Heavy armor 120%, light armor 135%
Surrounding Bat Cool 40s Cool 34s
Final Disaster Cool 100s, heavy armor 100%, light armor 100% Cool 55s, heavy armor 120%, light armor 135%
Deathless Body Cool 100s Cool 55s
Rosa Secreta Before Change After Change
Karlmese - Damage received increases per magic skill level (up to 12%)
Espada/Sable Bolar Soft armor 200%, heavy armor 90%, light armor 90%. Soft armor 110%, heavy armor 100%, light armonr 95%.
Consolidacion - ATK - DEF -10, RES -10
Consolidacion - DEF - ATK -20%
Quasar Before Change After Change
Invidia Ignore DEF 20, ignore more DEF when Confession (up to 100) Ignore DEF 50, ignore more DEF when Confession (up to 50)
Ira Ignore DEF 40, ignore more DEF when Confession (up to 100) Ignore DEF 70, ignore more DEF when Confession (up to 50)
Acedia Ignore DEF 50, ignore more DEF when Confession (up to 100) Ignore DEF 80, ignore more DEF when Confession (up to 50)
Battlefield Claude Before Change After Change
Destructivo - Destruido buff - ignore DEF 50?

  • Added new character - Yuliana to Lyndon Box .
    • Sacred Bullet stance uses pistol + rosario.
    • Skill rings are added to Ring Box of Veiren.
  • Added integrated information center (Ctrl + M).
    • Includes item search, character book, mission center, full quest list.
    • Item search by AR/DR, type, or level. Also include enchantment options.
    • Character Book includes search function.
    • Quest List includes what monsters drop the quest items.
  • Modified quest notice upon first entry into Armonia.
  • Fixed issues relating to boss monsters in Lucifer Castle.
    • Secret Garden: Fixed Man-Monkey/Bear spawn.
    • Death Corridor: Modified Moon Knight Minion spawn.
  • Modified Personal Raid Mission - Death Wraith.
    • Monsters no longer drop in large quantity compared to other personal missions.
  • Fixed monster issues relating to Ustiur and Bahama scenarios.
  • Fixed Calypso buff relating to Demolition Roar stance.
  • Modified UI window for Custom Wings.
  • Fixed Town Movement (Alt + F3) issue.
  • Fixed Santo de Blanc Costumes for Ion/Levine/Battlefield Claude.
  • Fixed Operation: A skill relating to summoned monsters.
  • Started 1 Vis Roulette Event for 1 week.
  • Started Boss Rush Event for Armonia, Prophet's Forest, and New Era bosses.


Kimgab Mq said…
this latest nerf on Code L will probably seal her fate lol
how sad yuliana to lyndon box :(
Bobby Brown said…
Are pistol stances the only ones that go last the 50 cap compared to the rest now?
少陽太陰 said…
Dear BLOG Runner :
First of all i have to thank you for running this blog so well that i can get so many latest informations

But after read this article , it confuse me

According to this Japanese website the link is below :


the modification of ge version 26.10.05

the stance of bane, the demonic roar will have a upward fixation by normal attack output will +35% than before

BUT the modification in your artilce is ONLY +20%

there are two different informations here and i believe it confuse everyone

Would you mind be nice to check it out ? for everyone who fellowed this blog so long

Thank you for running this blog so well again

best regards


少陽太陰 said…
the data should be this one


the modification of GE version 26.12.14
Ashardalon said…
As I mentioned at the start of every such posts, these patch notes are taken from Korean live server. If you read the ones from doratomo, it says "テストサーバー26.14.75". That means "Test Server", and the version number is different. Live server does not have v26.14.75. It goes from v26.12.14 to v26.15.66.

Not every changes in test server will end up getting into live server. That's why I usually ignore test server patch notes.
Bobby Brown said…
So are all pistol stances the only stances that go up to the 75% crit cap now? Or are there others?
Ashardalon said…
Only pistol stance are mentioned so far.