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Baron System

The Baron System has been in the game since v2.1.18. There were some old guides in Singapore GE forums, which have been offline some time ago.

This guide is based on American game client (v24.85.71), thus it does not account for any changes in later patches.

To become a baron, you must right-click on another player and use Forced Attack option. This is currently possible only in Coimbra Nimrod Bridge. If you try it anywhere else, a system notice will say: Attacking by force in this area is not allowed.

Using Forced Attack will automatically grant you 50 Baron Values (i.e. Baron Lv.1), even if you do not actually kill anyone.

Note that low-level families (Family Level 1-5) cannot attack or be attacked by barons. If Forced Attack is used on them, a popup window will say: Request for a duel is refused. and baron system will not be initiated.

Upon becoming a baron, several changes take effect.
  • An encircled skull hovers above each baron character to indicate his baron status.
  • Your saved location in barracks will be changed to Los Toldos. However, Move to Saved Location in System window (Alt+Q) remains unchanged.
  • You may enter Los Toldos without the need for Otite Perfume.
  • You may not create or join a squad.
  • Most NPC will not talk to you, including various merchants. You can only buy potions from Carlos in Los Toldos.
  • You may still use the following NPC - Leonardo, Market Manager, Master Guardian, Waypoint, Ustiur Farm Manager, Secret Tower Guard, etc.
  • Crescemento Weapons do not grant ATK Rating and ATK.
  • Crescemento Armors do not grant DEF Rating and DEF.
  • You may not enter a premium dungeon (e.g. Ancient Skeleton Dungeon).
  • You may not enter any Bounty Hunter's Guild missions.
In addition, a baron gains Will of Baron status, depending on his Baron Level. Baron Level increases when Baron Value reaches the minimum required amount. See table below for details. You can check both Baron Level and Baron Value in Family Information (Alt+R) window.

With the exception of low-level families mentioned above, all barons can attack and be attacked by other players in any PVP-enabled map. When a baron kills a player character of any level, he gains Baron Value +1,500. Non-barons may kill barons without gaining Baron Value.

When a baron kills a character, the victim will lose some EXP. Similarly, if the baron character is killed instead, he loses EXP as well. A Lv.5 Baron character loses about 2% EXP of High Master level per death. If the EXP loss results in a level drop, you can automatically regain the level by gaining more EXP, no further promotion is required.

Furthermore, when a baron dies, there is a chance that he may drop one or more equipped items and/or items in his inventory, depending on his Baron Level. See table below for details.

Baron Level Baron Value Inventory Equipped Will of Baron
1 1 1 0 AR +1, ATK +5%, DR -1, DEF -5
2 25,001 1-2 0 AR +1, ATK +10%, DR -1, DEF -10
3 50,001 1-3 1 AR +2, ATK +15%, DR -2, DEF -15
4 100,001 1-3 1 AR +2, ATK +20%, DR -2, DEF -20
5 200,001 1-4 1-2 AR +3, ATK +25%, DR -3, DEF -25

Barons can acquire permanent baron back costumes. Simply talk to Johnny the Gunman in Los Toldos. The first time you do so, you will receive a free Grave Stone (regardless of Baron Level). To acquire other back costumes, you must meet the required Baron Level and give Johnny the required items while wearing a specific back costume.

Four of the back costumes have built-in statistics that are not properly displayed in the item descriptions in the American server. (The statistics for Wheel of Destiny is also wrong.) I have added the actual statistics in the screenshot below.

To acquire 3 Wheels of Destiny, you need 1 Fanatic Costume, 6 Plate Mail Costumes, and 106 Soul Crystals. Simply follow these steps:
  1. Baron Lv.2-5 equips Grave Stone to make 1 Bloody Coffin.
  2. Baron Lv.3-5 equips Bloody Coffin to make 6 Deadly Crosses.
  3. Baron Lv.4-5 equips Deadly Cross to make 3 Revenants.
  4. Baron Lv.5 equips Revenant to make 2 Wheels of Destiny.
  5. Baron Lv.5 equips Wheel of Destiny to make 1 more Wheel of Destiny.
To acquire only 1 Wheel of Destiny, you need 1 Fanatic Costume, 3 Plate Mail Costumes, and 63 Soul Crystals. Simply follow these steps:
  1. Baron Lv.2-5 equips Grave Stone to make 1 Bloody Coffin.
  2. Baron Lv.3-5 equips Bloody Coffin to make 3 Deadly Crosses.
  3. Baron Lv.4-5 equips Deadly Cross to make 2 Revenants.
  4. Baron Lv.5 equips Revenant to make 1 Wheel of Destiny.
In American server, Fanatic Costume can be bought from the Dressing Room (Fighter) for 500,000 Feso. Plate Mail Costume can be acquired from the Costume Exchanger in Bahia Port. (Do not confuse Plate Mail Costume with Field Plate Costume!) Soul Crystals can be bought from Feso Shop.

To remove baron status, you simply need to kill monsters. Each defeated monster reduces Baron Value by 1 + monster level / 20 (round down). For example, Lv.1 Rabbit reduces 1 point, while Lv.101 Oannes reduces 6 points.

As a baron, if you decide to auto-attack while AFK in field maps, make sure that you do not have any valuable items equipped or in your inventory. Use something disposable, like Lv.92 elite weapons and Le Noir armors. Choose an isolated map that nobody will normally go to avoid PK.

You can also actively reduce Baron Value by doing missions. Secret Tower has monsters that will respawn when killed. Castilla Mine and Ustiur Farm are also accessible to barons. If you have Diamond Coupons, you can clear the mobs inside quickly, reducing approximately 2,000 Baron Values for a 3-minutes mission.

It took me 2 days of AFK and a few missions to remove Lv.5 Baron status.

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Ashardalon said…
9. When holding ‘Crescemento’ weapons on both hands in ‘Baron’ status, stats of an armor decrease. This issue will be fixed.

2. The ‘Baron Penalty’ will be toughened as follows.
- ‘ATK’, ‘ATK Rating’, ‘DEF’, and ‘DEF Rating’ of Experimental weapons and armors won't be applied.
- When a Baron is killed while wearing untradeable items such as Evil weapons and equipment for event, the items will disappear and the rate and quantity will be the same with tradeable items.
- The system messages regarding item drop and disappearance will be modified.
- The following item types will drop or disappear: weapon, armor, earrings, necklace, belt, gloves, shoes, skill ring.
- Items in Inventory will just drop, not disappear.
- Premium items won't drop or disappear.