Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Patch Notes v26.19.55 ~ v26.28.25

The following post summarizes changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. American server is currently at v24.85.71. See Patch Notes page for other versions.

  • Added new character - Neo , as part of GE 10th anniversary.
    • Istion stance uses sword + fire/ice/lightning/elemental bracelet.
    • Added related rings to Ring Box of Richard.
    • Neo can be created directly without using character card.
    • Each family can only create 1 Neo, and he cannot transferred as a mercenary.
  • Added Recruit Cherlyn quests.
    • Must have completed Recruit Viki quests and Judgment Day scenario.
    • Modified Witch Craft quests to start after recruitment quests.
    • Removed Cherlyn from Heavenly Character Box, etc.
  • Added 19th barracks, consuming 5 Barrack Slots for each character slot.
  • Modified Information Center window.
    • Re-categorized various items (e.g. body costumes).
    • Modified search function.
  • Modified system message relating to Saving Start Point.
  • Modified Joaquin Barrier missions relating to spawn rate of mini-boss monsters.
  • Started New Year Event.
  • Started Rest Buff Event. Pose near Event NPC for EXP +100% buff.

  • Modified Pioneering System.
    • Purchase points are accumulated on odd months (1,3,5,etc), and reset in 2 months. (E.g. Dec 2015 + Jan 2016 accumulated, Feb 2016 reset.)
  • Added Sky Blue Costume for Yuliana to dressing room.
    • The costume changes skill effects.
  • Increased drop rate of Recipe - Strata Devil Necklace slightly.
  • Modified Recruit Cherlyn quests relating to quest missions and character book log.
  • Modified Neo's Istion stance.
    • Lv.10 Bolum changed from 1280% to 1600%.
    • Lv.10 Evram changed from 1890% to 2362%.
  • Fixed markings of Armonia daily quests.
  • Fixed issues with Armonia Apostadero/Latina.
  • Fixed Wolfriner roulette chest in Curse of Red Sunset Forest party mission.
  • Fixed Yuliana's animations.
  • Modified Minelauva buff to be removed when Yuliana changes stance.
  • Started Monkey Raising Event.
  • Started Exceptional Support EP3: Accessories Event.
  • Started discount of Letizia's Feso Box .

  • Modified Integrated Info Center.
    • Area maps and locations of NPC.
    • Items and sockets.
    • Modified market to detect type of Mercenary license.
  • Modified message box relating to server selection and barracks.
  • Fixed issue relating to customized hot-key.
  • Fixed issue relating to Enhanced Accessories for Event.
  • Started Chocolate Event for Valentine's Day.
  • Started 10th Anniversary Event . 10th Anniversary Medal gives Penetration +5, Immunity -2.

  • Added details to required items for Recruit Ion quests.
  • Fixed socket processing for weapon costumes.
  • Modified Premium Item window to be part of Inventory UI (?).
  • Fixed issues with some weapon costumes.
  • Fixed issues with market search.
  • Fixed issues with information center relating to accessories and missions.
  • Modified Piece of Golem items for Reborn In Flames quests.
  • Fixed Bloody Gorgon Shield's wrong position in Lucifer Castle hard mode missions.
  • Fixed Parry trigger for Strata Devil Weapons.
  • Fixed Bristia Gloves (Event) type.
  • Fixed Viron Clock tower Basement 1-3F skill circles.