[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

Expedition into the Land of the Dead

Ashardalon family's Masters joined in Phalanx clan's first expedition into the Land of the Dead. See [v4.5 Feature] Los Toldos Raid for official guide on this raid. After Colony War (Sat 9pm PST), there was a server-wide notice as usual:

[Notice] The Land of the Dead is released.

The family received a Crafted Key [Land of the Dead] and a Great Stone (100k feso) from the clan, and activated an Otite Perfume to enter Los Toldos. Inside the baron hideout, the family found the Door of Doubt was filled with red mists.


Land of the Dead Entrance
When the team entered this map, they received 2 buffs. The first is [Death Guard Buff] for 20 seconds, which disabled any attacks from other players of opposing faction (Royalist vs. Republican). The second is [Death Buff] for 2 hours, which allows the same characters to return to Land of the Dead repeatedly. The latter is useful when there are disconnections, but it has to be the same characters in the team.

Further inside, there are 2 crystals on opposite sides of a ruined colony. After clicking on the crystals until they released the same numbers, Locked Diablo and Sealed Tower of Summon appeared in the ruined colony.


After killing Locked Diablo, Thelandira (f/mus) switched to Outrage Shot for faster attacks. Due to its high hit points, it still took a few minutes to destroy the tower. It can be attacked by monsters summoned by using ambers, but Valkyrie Crashers ignored it. After it was destroyed, there was a zone-wide notice:

Door of the Death has been released.

The destroyed tower was replaced by another gate filled with red mist. The family entered the gate, and moved into the Land of the Dead map. This must be done by 11pm (PST) or any remaining family will be moved back to Los Toldos.



Land of the Dead: Hearts of Sheol
In the Land of the Dead, there are some NPCs who were trapped inside the area, including Selden, Rescue Knights, and Mercenaries. NPC Helena was also lying on the ground, but she didn't respond in any way even when she was clicked.


When a Great Stone was fed to the tombstone, a zone-wide notice appeared:

Heart of Sheol - East, West, North - has appeared.

And 1 Deadly Stone Diablo and 1 Sheol's Heart appeared in each of the 3 corners. All 3 hearts must be destroyed within 20 seconds of each other, and all 3 Diablo must remain alive. Otherwise, another stone has to be fed to the tombstone to reset the entire process.

When Sheol's Heart has the Guardian Buff, its HP regenerates extremely fast. It can be removed by using Whole Cancellation skill on the respective Diablo. Each Diablo is leashed to the heart, so it cannot be lured too far away. It stopped attacking after killing a suicide canceler.


When a heart is destroyed, a zone-wide notice will announce:

Heart of East/West/North has been destroyed and the rest of the hearts will disappear soon.

The raid party had to redo 3 times. The first failed as one of the hearts did not die in 20 seconds. The second failed as someone accidentally killed Diablo. When all 3 hearts are destroyed, a zone-wide notice will announce:

3 Hearts of Sheol have been destroyed.

The tombstone will then be replaced by a glowing stone gate, labeled Statue Full of Strength. The raid leader entered and used 1 Elemental Jewel to seal the gate from Land of the Dead Entrance. After that, the 4 King's Gates were summoned with a zone-wide notice:

The 4 Kings have noticed your actions.

Enter the gate moved the family to the respective king's room.

Land of the Dead: King's Rooms
All 4 Kings must be killed within 1 minute of each other, or the mission will fail. In each room, there will be 3 warp portals to each of the other kings' rooms. The portals stay open for 1 minute. After that, they vanish and then respawn after another 2 minutes.

Every 3 minutes, the King will buff 1 of the 4 class-specific buffs, during which it has to be hit by shooting, melee, magic, or martial arts attacks. This buff cannot be removed.

The other buff [Death's King's Buff] (aka Evil Buff) can be removed by Whole Cancellation skill, and it raises the King's already high ATK Rating and DEF Rating to ridiculous heights - AR 82 and DR 87 after buff.

When the family entered Aritto's Room, the King of Ice was standing directly behind. "Hi! Surprise!", and he smashed the family to bits with a skill involving multiple hits of his dual weapons...


The next visit was Wetis, King of Fire. He has a big axe. A really, really BIG axe. It may be possible to "kite" him by luring him with a fast-moving wizard.


King of Lightning Hadeon is quite similar, but with a shotgun-like weapon.


Of the 4 Kings, I think the best design is for King of Prayer Merif. He has 2 floating, uh, thingies that shoot at his enemies. Someone described him as "the Angry Pope".


Merif uses his skill, which knocks down everyone in the area. He can also afflict [Fear] debuff.


Boost Potion + Enhanced Tactics buffs + Protection Field!


This first expedition wasn't intended to go beyond the Four Kings, so the raid party pretty much stopped there and ran around to explore the four rooms. So here ends Ashardalon family's first visit to the Land of the Dead. But obviously, not before the characters posed for a screenshot.