Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

GE-SG Update v6.3

GE-SG has updated to v6.3. You can download the full client or manual patch here.

Game Features v6.3

World Cross [PvP] has some problems, such that even developers feel not it is not ready for other countries to get it first. They are still fine tuning it in kGE. I'm sure it will be ready for us later. [Source]

In addition, there is also a Chinese New Year event from Jan 27 to Feb 24, 2011. HCOF also updates with Asoka Character Card (2 Gold Tokens) and Draconic weapons for limited period only. See Gong Hei Fatt Choy! for details.

[Sword2] Renaissance v5.0 Update
Meanwhile, Sword 2 is still stuck in v4.1. G1-Quinzel provided an update on Sword 2 v5.0.23 patch:

Unfortunately, 5.0 will not come as a ninja. we plan on giving a heads up as to when the launch date will be. As of now, seeing as we are only a couple weeks into QA of one of the largest expansions of the game since commercial launch, we are hoping to have 5.0 LIVE by mid-to-late February. In our efforts to reach this goal we will be looking to give access to our test server if this is technically feasible at this time. I will revert back with further information once we have legitimate news and concrete information to share. [Source]

The last known version number (v5.0.23) was announced here.

kGE Patch Notes - What The **** Does It Have To Do With Us?
Regardless of which edition of Granado Espada you play, the patch notes from the Korean edition is always relevant to some extent. Some players have this idea that just because they are not playing kGE/sGE/etc., features from other editions are not applicable. Well, that is wrong... mostly.

By simply comparing with existing kGE patch notes every time Sword 2 or sGE updates (v2.6, v2.9, v3.0, v4.1, etc.), a certain pattern will emerge. There are some things from kGE patch notes that usually do not apply for other editions:
  • Events & Promotions (including Collector's Edition Box Sets)
  • Cash & Feso Shops
  • Web Games (e.g. Magic Circle, Imperial Wheel, Helena's Circus of Fate, Dominus)
  • Names & Other Text Issues
Everything else (characters, stances, quests, maps, raids, etc.) follows quite closely to kGE patch notes most of the time. Based on the past updates, IMC does not seem to like too much deviations for other editions (with the exceptions of Japan and China). I suppose this is because having the same patch standard makes it a lot easier for IMC to manage.

Some features may also be locked by the publishing company. For example, IAHGames locked Bahama maps when sGE first updated to v2.4, preferring to release content in piece-meal manner (and host a cash shop spamming event to allow a few players special access to those maps for a few weeks).

G1 also "recently" locked Reckless Emilia out of Sword 2's v4.1 patch, due to a bug which will be resolved in a higher version. Think: Why doesn't IMC just take the bug resolution out of the higher version and give it to Sword 2, instead of having G1 to lock out the character? Probably because they want to maintain the patch standard. Basically, it seems like IMC is saying, "No, we don't want you to have the higher version just yet. And no, we won't dismantle the higher version patch to resolve the bug for you now either."

So when you look at patch notes listed in Book of Wind or Book of Fire, you can be fairly certain that you will getting the same features except for the four categories listed above. The same thing more or less applies to sGE patch notes, because they all get their stuffs from IMC anyway.

Sword 2 (GE North America/Europe), GE Singapore (Southeast Asia/Oceania), GE Korea, GE Japan, GE Thailand, GE Russia, and GE Taiwan are not 7 different games. They are the same game, designed by the same developer (IMC), and localized for different publishers (IAH, G1, etc.) to cater to different parts of the world.

So please don't ask questions like: "Will we get [insert favorite v6.0 feature here] in our upcoming v5.0.23 update?" No. We won't. Why would anyone even think that v5.0 is going to include v6.0 content? Seriously, just read the ****ing patch notes.


Anonymous said…
O-oh yes! This is great problem of our serervers. GE Russia and GE Europe/America is the poorest servers. There are (RGE) big turnover of people and too much bugs, disconnections, locked content etc. Also many players will leave the game with update 5.0.23 because mobs became really fat bastards in this patch (HP improved 3-4 times). Those who stay will probably use bot even more intensively than earlier if that's possible. That's sad!
And of course the patching of SGE's servers is as stupid as early. Many people will leave Cortes (I don't know the situation on your server) and go to Bach or Rembradt (Russins really like Bach).