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E-Bay Sale by IAHGames

After last maintenance, IAHGames attempted to sell in-game items on E-Bay for cash directly using auction bidding method. (I didn't post it then, because I didn't want to promote or indirectly advertise for them.)

The +8 Strata Devil Armor for Fighter 3S was to be enchanted with Trigger 15% and 2 random enchantments. The auction started with SGD 50.00 (USD 36.00), and went up to SGD 800.00 (USD 576.00) or higher! Unfortunately for IAHGames, the auction had to be cancelled....

IMC probably got wind of it, and threatened IAH to stop for circumventing IMC's share of the profits. Somehow, my impression of their attempt to "straighten things out" involves negotiating with IMC on their share of the pie... 

This is the sad trend for this game. Next, they would probably operate a RMT site to sell Vis, Elemental Jewels, and other items, except that hosting such a web site costs money... so use E-Bay! I wonder, are they trying to tell players it is okay to sell their in-game items on E-Bay for cash?

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PL4TIUN said…
IAH have lost it way shame on they
Camenre said…
I wonder why the cancelled it? or start it in the first place. Profit might be not enough currently and game might die soon (I hope we get transferred to Europe's GE)
aph said…
IAH got bought out by YuuZoo corporation earlier this year, which is a.. social media/e-commerce company (I think?), and drafted out known issues, solutions, and questionable results on their portfolio. (

They scrapped the whole IAH passport site, which was like a social... network if you can even call it that, where they use to (rarely) post patch notes, and (frequently) post lyndon box information. These days, they sometimes update information on in-game sales, ebay sales, promotions for other mobile games on their Facebook page, which kind of contradicts some of the Objectives in the portfolio page about having a lack of control and access to customer information with 3rd-party social media platforms.

>provides a perfect platform for IAHGames to effectively monetize their fans and consumers
Yep they're doing that alright.
Tears0fBlood said…
The EU passed a law to prevent personal data from being transferred from Europe or outside of Europe. So that's not going to happen.

xfd said…
Thats fucking sad.

PPL/LB atleast tried selling items by hiding a roulette/lottery mechanics, while the auction thing is just directly selling in-game items for$$$.
Why don't they just put every piece of equipment in the in-game shop, while were at it, and be done with this process.

GE/IAH is just turning into the worst kind of monetizing F2P
C-Cat said…
То ТеarsOfBlood does it mean that data cant be transfered INTO Europe?
Tears0fBlood said…
Yeah due to new EU policy it won't happen.