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Merry Christmas!

For the first time in Granado Espada history, T3Fun (along with IAHGames) broke the record by having no Christmas event for the year. As a result of update delays and lack of decent events, more and more players are becoming unmotivated to login or do anything active anymore. They just fail so hard.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to all my blog readers!

One of my favorite authors, Terry Pratchett , died earlier this year. Among his novels was Hogfather (1997), which was produced as a TV movie in 2006. Here is a short video clip where Death, who was temporarily standing in for the missing Hogfather (Santa Claus), came to The Little Match Girl in his duty to reap the souls of the dead.


Ryan Chau said…
Actually no, T3 do have an event, they said they doing the polar bear costume for monty and montoro but dont know whats the hold up from releasing it thats what they said
R(eminisce). said…
IAH games may aswell close the server down. They don´t ass anymore to procide any kind of support to the community or anything. Just milking cash by putting old reward box chars back into PPL and Lyndon.
Tears0fBlood said…
I think GE is officially dead. After all if you look at euGE, sGE, and T3FUN it's playbase is almost gone. To be honest I bet they will shut down all international servers and just have kGE and jGE soon.