Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Patch Notes v25.90.29 ~ v26.03.46

The following post summarizes changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. American server is STILL stuck at v23.97.53 after 4 months, whereas New Era Episode 1 was updated in May 2015 for Korean server and July 2015 for Europe server. T3Fun is still making no effort to speed up their updates... See Patch Notes page for other versions.

See The Symphonia Episode 1 Preview Site .

  • Modified quest by removing quest item "Key of Hidden Corridors".
  • Fixed positions being modified by other missions (?).
  • Modified effects (glow) of Tourmaline of Dominance weapon costume.
  • Fixed position of Tyrant Grimoire weapon costume.
  • Fixed bug relating to Equipment Preset in barracks.
  • Fixed range issue relating to Abyss Sorrow/Gloom in Armonia En Celar.
  • Fixed stance bug relating to elementalist with Type 2 faces.
  • Started New/Return Support Event (cumulative attendance) for 3 months.
  • Started Hungry Tris Event. Farm event items as field drops then trade for Soul Crystals or EXP Cards. See Part 1 of Hidden10 .
  • Started 50% discount event on Feso Shop.

  • Modified some stances and skills. See table below.
    • Rapier stances include (Grim) Rapiere, Fleuret Glacier, Royal Guard (rapier equipped), Vendetta, Illusion Garde, Electronic Katz.
    • Pistol stances include Wanted, Unlimited Shot, Croisement, Saint Shot, Reasoning Journalist, Cobra.
    • Cube stances include Distortion Cube, Conviction.
  • Added mission re-entry function to various missions (e.g. Joaquin Barrier Siege, Rafflesia, Griffon, Corridor of Assize, etc.).
  • Added "boss rush" system.
    • The following bosses in Lucifer Castle will spawn on Saturday 20:00 with notice.
      • Lab: King Betelgeuse, Dark Garim, Wrath Devil, Great Gluttony, Lust Witch.
      • Warehouse: Wolfriner, Hell Lord, Undertaker, Chimera, Stone Cortes.
      • Secret Garden: Sauterelle, Arbremon.
      • Moonlight Garden: Mantara, Rose Spirit, Rose Heart, Demonic Jurgen.
      • Banquet Hall: Gold Garas, Medea, Pluton, G.Lich.
      • Death Corridor: Shameless Elminor, Rhinoceur, Moon Knight.
    • Boss will not spawn if it already exists.
    • Boss will vanish if not killed within 1 hour, or if boss spawn normally according to its respawn time.
    • Stone Cortes spawns regardless of colony statuses.
    • Recipe drop rates are lower than normally spawned bosses.
    • Currently, there is a bug that spawns multiple bosses, but it should be fixed soon. See Boss Rush Bug (2015.12.26) .
  • Sniper Bernelli Card can be acquired for Kielce favor rates.
    • Also available in Heavenly Character Card Box and SMS Coupon Gift Box.
  • Delete consecutive defeat achievements in World Cross PVP.
  • Modified Uninvited Guests mission.
    • Boss will not produce 2 minions in certain situations.
  • Fixed issue relating to selection mode when team leader dies.
  • Fixed issue relating to Emilia NPC in Viron New Era quests.
  • Fixed Colony War Supply buff not applying in some areas.
  • Started Agility Test Event.
    • Kill monsters in fields for event item, then trade 10 event items in with 50 Pure Ores.
    • Get 3/2/1 Ring Box for 1st/2nd/3rd completion each day.

Rapier Stances Before Change After Change
Basics - 3rd skill hit - ignore DEF 50 (physical) or ATK +20% (magic)
Pistol Stances Before Change After Change
Basics - Increase general attack by +25% (?)
Wanted Before Change After Change
Sliding Shot Ignore DEF 30 Ignore DEF 50
Escape Shot Ignore DEF 50 Ignore DEF 60
Life Sentence Ignore DEF 35 Ignore DEF 60
Unlimited Shot Before Change After Change
Death Sentence Ignore DEF 50 Ignore DEF 60
Reasoning Journalist Before Change After Change
Shooting Scoop Ignore DEF 50 Ignore DEF 60
Section Fire Ignore DEF 40 Ignore DEF 50
Cobra Before Change After Change
Back Rolling Fire Ignore DEF 30 Ignore DEF 40
Shooting Cannon Ignore DEF 30 Ignore DEF 40
Breaking Storm Ignore DEF 30 Ignore DEF 40
Undress Waltz Ignore DEF 50 Ignore DEF 75
Wild Hammer Before Change After Change
Seismic Wave Cool 25s, soft/light armor 80%, heavy armor 110% Cool 20s, soft armor 90%, light armor 110%, heavy armor 145%, add ignore DEF
Pulverize Cool 30s, soft armor 75%, light armor 80%, heavy armor 120% Cool 25s, soft armor 75%, light armor 125%, heavy armor 135%, add ignore DEF
Rampage Cool 35s, soft/light armor 80%, heavy armor 125%, ATK 2804% Cool 25s, soft armor 80%, light armor 125%, heavy armor 150%, ATK 3048%
Dominate the Sky Before Change After Change
Rush Lightning ATK +300, Lightning Penetration +20 Lightning ATK +300, Lightning Penetration +20, AR +1
Thunder Wave - Reduce all skill cooldown (?)
Cube Stances Before Change After Change
Basics Range 6m Range 11m
Creacion Before Change After Change
Poder - Casting time -1% per level
Drawing Before Change After Change
Paint Shower Cool 25s Cool 20s
Trick Art Cool 35s Cool 27s
Manipulation Before Change After Change
Key Card Fortune Card Buff 10% Fortune Card Buff 5%
Card Manipulation Light armor 110%, heavy armor 125% Light armor 100%, heavy armor 110%
Silent Dancing Range 10m, soft armor 100%, light armor 125% Range 8m, soft armor 75%, light armor 100%
Innocentio Before Change After Change
Restore - Regeneration +75% than before
Satisfy - Regeneration +50% than before
Redemption Reduce magic damage 10% Reduce all damage 10%
Resurrection Cool 100s Cool 45s

  • Added premium warp feature to Home Premium Service (aka Explorer Pack).
  • Added Polar Bear Costume for (Snow) Montoro and Evil/Kevin.
    • Changes effects of normal/skill attacks when equipped.
    • Available in dressing room for 900,000 Feso.
  • Revised Pioneering Merchant system.
    • Added new NPC to Reboldoeux, Coimbra, and Auch.
    • Family Info (Alt + R) UI displays contribution and rank.
    • Killing monsters increases contribution. Raid monsters (depending on ATK, DR, etc.) provide more than regular monsters.
    • Home Premium Service provides 10% bonus contribution.
    • Added ranking to Hall of Fame, updated on first Thursday of every month.
    • Discounts are granted according to grade. See table below.
    • Removed Vent, Magia, and Tempestar hunting quests and NPCs.
    • Removed Emergency Assistance hunt quest.
    • Removed types of Letter of Credit and Pioneering Test Application.
    • Removed Pioneer Tokens. Related quests will ask for Snail Shells instead.
    • See 미르자르 상단의 and 開拓商團積分化計劃 .
  • Modified calculation for ranking ties in Hall of Fame.
  • Modified Lucifer Castle (except Death Corridor) to allow warp access.
    • Removed NPC providing entry into Lucifer Castle by paying Elemental Jewel.
    • Removed NPC blocking entry into Red Sunset Forest (now free acess, regardless of quest progression).
  • Reapplied pistol-related changes.
    • Accumulates 25% of attack damage (?).
    • Affects Wanted, Unlimited Shot, Croisement, Saint Shot, Reasoning Journalist, Cobra.
  • Modified Rudolph Pet to loot and buffs - Blessing of Rudolph.
  • Fixed issues relating to alchemy in Viron.
  • Modified Clock Tower Basement 1F relating to mission completion.
  • Started Christmas Event for 2 weeks.
  • Started Solo Troops play-time event. Rewards include Status Ampules.
  • Modified Leticia's Feso Gift Box .
Grade Shop Points Discount Ranking
SSS 150,000 50% 1
SS 100,000 40% 2-5
S 80,000 30% 6-10
A 70,000 20% 11 to Top 5%
B 50,000 10% Top 5% to 10%
C 30,000 5% Top 10% to 20%
D 9,000 0% Top 20% to 30%
F 3,000 0% Below Top 30%

  • Added new characters - Amy & Cadet Amy .
    • Skill rings and Amy's job skill ring are added to Ring Box of Chester.
    • Cadet Amy has no job skill ring, and is available in Lyndon Box .
  • Added new scenario for The Symphonia Episode 1.
    • Must have completed Marchetti and Leona recruitment quests.
  • Added Recruit Amy quests.
    • Must have completed The Symphonia Episode 1 scenario.
  • Added new maps - Cite de Bedel and Bedel Field.
    • Accessible from Armonia Latina > Bedel Field > Cite de Bedel.
    • Warp point can be saved. Quest warps can be used.
    • Subjected to tax rates of Armonia area.
    • See 貝賽爾及貝賽爾大平原 .
  • Added new raid in Bedel Field - Talos.
    • Activated daily from 18:00 to 24:00.
    • All families will be moved to Bedel when boss appears (?).
    • Talos drops recipes for Santo de Blanc/Santuario Metal Armor and Armonia Accessories.
    • See more screenshots at 신규레이드 탈로스정보 .
  • Modified "straight" skills (e.g. Ice Vrille) to affect enemy in elevated terrain.
  • Started Gift of the Grabber Event.
    • Santa Grabber and Rudolph pet boxes are in Feso Shop.
    • Grabber, Santa Grabber, and Rudolph will drop items when active.
  • Started Lightning Coupon Event (play-time event) for 1 month.
    • Rewards also include TV, camera, iPhone, monitor, fridge, etc. LOL