[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Portmanteau V

Portmanteau IV has been removed from the cash shop of Sword of the New World after only 2 weeks of being released. They are being replaced by Portmanteau V, which includes:
  • Goldentail Magius Costume (Andre) or Veronica Qipao Costume (Karj)
  • Natural Wave Hair (f/wiz)
  • Fairy Wings (90 days)
  • Survival Manual - Expert (15 days)
  • Level 92 Enchantment Chips
  • Upgrade Accelerators
  • Level 100 Enchantment Chips
  • Exp Cards
  • Angler Spinelle
  • Pet Box (Panpan)
  • Great Stones
There is also a 20% bonus drop rate this week. The item of month is now Premium Treasure Chest with a 30% discount.

Upcoming Updates
According to G1-Neume, Reckless Emilia will not be in v4.1 patch due to balance issue. Instead, she will be included in v4.5 patch, along with Asoka and Catherine Torsche.1 They are planning to rename her as Emilia the Necromancer. G1 is expected to receive v4.5 this Summer/Fall.

Also, it looks like the promotional characters (e.g. Adelina the Pirate) will be released in cash shop eventually. See kGE Promo UPCs for more information.

A few other issues of note...

We actually dig how the PanPan pet is working and it is likely he'll remain a Portmanteau pet. We *MAY* switch him for Sith and release him on the Bazaar but I doubt it. I think he's the perfect pet for the Portmanteau.2

We are taking a serious look at tradablity of Bazaar items due to a high fraud volume on Sword. In War Rock we have a 0.03% fraud rate because none of the cash items are tradable. We are more likely to move away from making items tradable (save for Quarter Slots, Warp Slots and Promotion Scrolls). Nothing is final yet but we are in serious discussions regarding this issue. To that end, it is very likely we'll be removing all Passes as rewards since everyone has 75298750928790823 of them. That is a decision still in the works though.3

I didn't mention these items [i.e. Enchant Booster, Upgrade Accelerator] specifically because we're trying to determine whether or not to just make them like currency (since that is how they are working now anyway) which would mean they'd remain tradable. Things like Lacquers WOULD definitely be changed to non-tradable though.4


rhamon cesar said…
Do u know if the Reckless Emilia will be in SGE in 4.1 or 4.5?
I didn't understand what the GM said on the forum, it's this new change only to STWN or to SGE too?
Cya =D
Ashardalon said…
The above is for SotNW only. However, since the delay of Reckless Emilia to v4.5 is a matter of game balance, IMC may decide to do the same for sGE.
Ashardalon said…
Ok. It is confirmed that Reckless Emilia will be in sGE v4.5 instead of v4.1. See Lorenza's GE Blog for details.