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Portmanteau IV

Portmanteau III will be removed from Sword of the New World's cash shop during this week's maintenance.1 It will be replaced by Portmanteau IV. This week's maintenance will begin at 7pm PST on March 9, 2010.2

Here is the list for Portmanteau IV. Basically this will be the same except for all future costumes boxes. We may make minor changes but nothing too big.3

Fairy Wings (90 days)
Zephyranthes Costume (Andre's) or Clivia Sprite Costume (Karj's)
Survival Manual: Master (15 Days)
Lv.92 Enchantment Chip 3EA
5 Upgrade Accelerators
Lv.100 Enchantment Chip
Lv.90 EXP Card (920,000) 3EA
Angler Spinelle
Tight Arrange Hair
Pet Box (Panpan)
Great Stone 2EA

Other News
There are also a few other noteworthy issues.
  • OoPS Boxes will also be removed during this week's maintenance.4
  • All colonies will be reset during this week's maintenance.5
  • Semilunar (aka Waxing), Gorgeous, and Forgotten Magic stance books will be added to Feso Exchange during this week's maintenance.6
  • The Tiger pet will be available again later this year.7
  • Sword of the New World will not be updating to v3.5.8 This means the game will be updating from v3.4 to v4.0.
It is a pity about v3.5 though. I was hoping to get this update soon for the reduction of upgrade accelerators needed. Oh well.

The 3 stance books in Feso Exchange are priced at 850k feso each. This is unlike other editions, where Forgotten Magic costs 500k feso and the other 2 expert stances cost 1m feso each. The EXP +50% bonus since last maintenance has been removed. See also March 09 Maintenance Change Log.


Tuyen Phan said…
man I was hoping to get 96e armors in 3.5 so replace my current 92e sets.