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SNW 78: Stratavista

Since Great Stones became tradable in v3.4, Romina and Visca (Grace) finally bought the stones to learn Equites and Flintlock respectively. Together with Pazuzu (STF), they made their way into Bahamar Ancient Area Zone 4 (Lv.112-115) for the week, looting 5 Old Chess Pieces and 3 Snail Shells.

After maintenance, the base EXP was increased by +50%, so the family took the chance to use Combat Manuals, Witch's Candies, Christmas Socks, and Oreo (Panpan) for Master grind-fest. However, the network came under attack again, and the servers were down for about 3 hours. This was just like what happened a month ago during EXP +50% week.1 In any case, at the end of the week, Visca (Grace) gained 1 level to reached Expert Lv.7, while Romina gained 3 levels to reached Expert Lv.9.

The family also bought a pigling as a new pet for 2,500 Gold, which is worth about 2.5m-2.9m feso in terms of Great Stones. This is very expensive, considering that in other GE editions, the pet costs only 500k feso.2 Still, I got free Gold for winning a forum contest, so I really shouldn't complain. It just seems so costly though. The family named it Cerdotado (Pigling), meaning "gifted pig", after the anti-hero pig comic character.

The family delivered a letter to Louis Arsene III in Bourgogne Palace, and killed the circus master in the end after recruiting the help of 2 Erracan warriors.* Quetzalcoatl (Nar) was named after the Aztec god of the wind, craft, and knowledge. Tlazolteotl (Ania), meaning "filth goddess", was named after the Aztec goddess of sexual vices and purification. Then, they interviewed the captive deputy-leader of Arsene Circus in Auch.

After taking to the captive deputy leader of Arsene Circus, the family accepted her. To give her a new cover identity in the New World, she was named Soteira (Helena) after one of the epithets of Hecate, the Greek goddess of magic and crossroads. The original intent was to name her after Alassra Silverhand, but the system rejected the name because it contained the word ass.

Meanwhile, the rest of the family tried to piece the story together from the information derived from Nar, Ania, Fritz, Emilia, Helena, and Louis Arsene III...

The Story So Far (v3.4)
A secret organization called Stratavista has been around for 3500 years. Those who know of its name are assassinated quickly. In ancient times, the gods ruled over men, and the high priests acted as divine intermediaries. The gods eventually departed, but the imparted knowledge remained. The ancient Erracans built towers that reached the sky and some believed themselves to be gods. Stratavista claimed to be descendants of the ancient high priests, claiming that the progress of human civilization should stop to await the return of the gods. They used ancient divine knowledge to annihilate all who opposed human civilization. Then, they led their followers across the ocean to settle on the continent in the far east, later know as Orpesia. Stratavista vanished from the public, but continued to manipulate the royal families of every country and regulate the development of civilization. Grand Duke Felipe, who was the leader of the Ten Nobles of Vespanola, was merely a member of Stratavista.

Stratavista is opposed by Ferruccio Espada, who was married to the holy maiden of Errac and ascended to seek the power of heaven and the Five Elements needed to wield it. He was assisted by Grand Duke Felipe and Stratavista during the discovery of the "New Continent". Ferruccio cooperated with Dr. Lorenzo to seek the temple of ancient gods in order to acquire grand magic, of which the power of constellations is a low-level aspect. Stratavista found out about this, and had Hernandes, the Number 2 of the Ten Nobles, poisoned Ferruccio. But Ferruccio had a double to perform the duties of Continental Duke, while he secretly investigate the ancient temples. His apparent death was announced to the world, but he survived and disappeared. Helena believes he found the temple of ancient gods.

There is only one temple, but it has many entrances. Ferruccio was searching for the entrance in Katovic region, while Dr. Lorenzo found the 3rd Civilization and was certain an entrance is near Errac. He probably found it, with the young Nar as a guide, and was trying to remove the entrance barrier when he was abducted by Louis Arsene III. The resulting conflict resulted in the Great Explosion that crippled Errac. This was before Arsene Circus was formed. Dr. Lorenzo is now possibly being held hostage by Stratavista. The Arsene Circus was then sent by Grand Duke Felipe to the New World to assassinate Emilia, the daughter of Dr. Lorenzo.

There is also a secret society fighting Stratavista known as Violakea. One of the leaders is Fritz. Simon Ayende mentioned that Fritz is taking his disciples to prepare for a great battle.

Note (*): If anyone is wondering about the extra dialogue between Calyce and Celine in Ania's quest, see IAHGames forum topic [Guide] Ania's Quest or the screenshots taken by von_Utteresk.

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