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Blog Closed To Public & Moved

A few players have messaged me in the forums, so I think I should at least post something on this blog status. This blog will be closed to public for several reasons. Access will be invite-only for personal friends via e-mail. I will leave this post up for a while before I resume blogging again. Thanks for the interest so far.

Do Not Feed Trolls
One of the reasons is that I do not wish to share any more information directly (or indirectly through their friends) to players who persisted in trolling both in-game and/or in the forums. In fact, I have considered closing the blog for many months, but refrained from doing so on the basis that many of my readers do not troll, and in fact, do not share the same server or even game service provider. But more and more players are taking to trolling (and some old trolls came back as well just to, well, troll). Perhaps because they are bored out of their minds due to repeated update delays and/or imagined slights.

I'm glad that players from other GE editions (Singapore, Japan, Russia, etc.) have found my blog useful or at least, somewhat entertaining. But there are plenty of other sites out there. Some things I have here can also be found elsewhere. Although a few tidbits are taken from my own experiments and data mining, so other sites probably won't have them unless they attempt the same "research".

I would like to thank players who have:
  • shared their own gaming experiences online;
  • maintained online databases and wiki-type sites; and/or
  • written assorted game guides in the forums.
These players have spent time and effort, in their own ways, to help the GE online community. At the very least, they have contributed to keep interests in the game alive. And interests are constantly waning due to perpetual patch delays. As for players who have contributed nothing and only existed to troll, flame, brag, insult, and/or be a nuisance... well, they really should do something more constructive and useful with their time, if they are really that bored.

Less Self-Censorship
The invite-only permission also allows me to post more things, including stuffs which I have kept to myself so far. The couple of players whom I have personally taught some stuffs probably know about 10%-30% of them. I can thus post more freely without having to pause to consider if I should make something public knowledge or not, which can have in-game consequences, unnecessary competition, and stuffs like that.

v5.0 Coming Soon™
And, of course, there is, ironically, waning game interest. Sword 2 is still stuck in v4.1, while GE-SG has already updated to v6.3. Everything becomes repetitive and somewhat ritualistic. This eventually just gets tiresome. The highly random elements just heighten this sensation. Billions of vis can go poof! in a few minutes, and you still have nothing to show for it in the end. I'm sure many Sword 2 players feel the same.

I have moved the actual blog elsewhere, so I can continue to blog without removing this notice. Thanks again for the interest over the years.

The blog list has been updated. Some blogs were removed for lack of (game-related) updates: