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Bot Ban & Language Packs

Recently, Singapore Granado Espada initiated a bot sweep, and banned accounts based on function logs. See [Notice] Botting, Map Restarts and Permanent Suspensions. There are some questions concerning client customization. IAH Staff, Xanxus, clarified the matter thus:

Do note that the function logs certain actions caused by the bot, which is linked to the map restarts. Those accounts logged will be suspended permanently when we do a sweep.
If you are using a different language pack, it will not trigger a 'Botting' log. [Source]

The key issue is, botters in one map can trigger a DC in another map. This is linked to how the maps are arranged on the servers. IMC keeps this a secret. [Source]

Well, the camera one isn't affected. Remember that it is the actions made by the bot commands which are logged. [Source]

Note that he did not say changing sound files is "legal" with respect to the terms of service. It's probably more like "it doesn't affect servers/players, so we don't really care if you do it discreetly" kind of thing. In any case, doing so won't mark you down as a "bot" as quoted above. If you chooses to do so, you can download selected sound effects files (se.ipf) of other GE clients from 悠轉幻境: Granado Espada, or install and copy/paste from other GE clients.


Fire said…
ive been playing sGE for almost 3 years now and since then im already encountering player s who uses bot program on their client and if the bot issue really is causing problems to the server then why did they ban players just now?? and also im not using a bot program on my laptop as well just installed GE in there not a month ago, so its clean from any bot program still i got suspended. I also know someone who didnt get banned whom i know uses bot 24/7 BUT a regular loader(Top-upper)

does that seem to be fair?
and iv'e found out that u need to pay 100sg dollars to unlock your account.
first overpriced premium items now this?? why didnt just made GE pay-to-play so they'd get profit regularly.