Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Sword 127: War Bug Exploit

The Masters continued to train their stances, as the family completed 12 Team Arena and 7 Arsene Circus missions, looting Symbol of Aquarius, Symbol of Pisces, Symbol of Aries, Symbol of Sagittarius, Le Noir (mus) Recipe, and Mystic Shoes. This week's maintenance slapped right between both Team Arenas. Arsene's Treasure Chests also dropped Siren Scale Recipe, 5 White Gold Bars, and 6 Veteran G (14m) EXP Cards.

The family had another (2nd) random encounter with the Bellboy of Mein, so the veterans took it down and stole its Silver Hammer. It seems like nobody cares about Sharffenberger (aka Vergo) anymore, unlike previously pioneers actually actively hunt for it.

The family experienced 4 disconnections this week. During the weekend, clan, group, and squad systems broke down. Again, followed by another extinction event just like Week 117. This is rather ironic, because the extinction of monsters make the Bonus Drop Rate +30% event ineffectual. See here for explanation on drop rate bonus. The extinction issue then resulted in an emergency maintenance, and everyone missed out on Faction Fight just before Colony War.

Anyway, this is what the trolls have amounted to: bug exploitation during Colony War. Still, GameOver clan, which has supporting/alternate/mule families in Serpens clan, did not take a single colony by the end of the war. The exploit is not really effective anyway, since there are quite a few ways around it.

For people who don't know what's wrong with the above picture: This family continues attacking my clan's colony even though he is not red to my clan. A clan mate made the video version below. (JavaScript must be enabled.)

Using Spinelles On Others
Anyway, so someone asked me if I have been using spinelles on some random family in Forgotten Area... which is weird, because I haven't been to Forgotten Area in almost a year (probably more). So just to clear up any mis-identification...

My personal policy is that I do not use spinelles on other families without provocation. Provocation is usually only when your characters are killing mobs in my spot, and you refused to move after I have made several requests to keep your characters at a fair distance. I considered a spot "mine" if the area is unoccupied when I first arrived there. Dead and passive (i.e. non-attacking, such as knocked out of attack mode or out of bullets) characters do not count for occupation. If the area is occupied by living, attacking characters, I will just find another spot.

Even with provocation, I'm more likely to drag your AFK characters away from my spot with a mob train than to use spinelles for 2 reasons - (1) I prefer to use my spinelles for farming or sale, and (2) I don't usually carry spinelles in my inventory.