[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

Renaissance Recruitment Fights

Renaissance v5.0.23 introduces 3 new recruitable characters. All 3 character cards are tradable. See the recruitment quest details for Crazy Emilia, Valleria, and Catherine Torsche.

Emilia's Institute: Crazy Emilia
The entire quest mission lasts for 15 minutes. I used Master Musketeer (Flintlock), Master Emilia (Enhanced Tactics/ESP), and Expert Gertrude (Book of Earth) to complete the quest mission in about 12 minutes, after using Boost Potion. The strategy is simple - using a tank (Gertrude) to draw her attention, while DPS shoots her from far behind to avoid her splash attacks and area attacks. After defeating her, remember to click on the fallen Emilia with Gertrude to trigger the last bit of dialog.


Joaquin Torture Chamber: Valleria
The entire quest mission lasts for 30 minutes. In the first room, keep killing monsters until a zone-wide notice says:

The seal of the Warp Gate has opened due to the weakened monsters.

Kingdom Ogre is straight-forward. Just kill it.

The strategy to fight Testormento is similar to fighting Crazy Emilia. The boss' area attack is directional, so tank him with a melee character and let DPS shoots him from far behind. Support character should stay even further away for safety.


When he summons mobs at 25% HP, run away. Lure the mobs around in circles, and pick them off one by one. Then, reform your position and finish off the boss. After he is defeated, remember to click on the Power Plant to complete the mission.

Master Romina (Equites), Master Musketeer (Flintlock), and Master Emilia (Enhanced Tactics/ESP) completed the mission in 28 minutes, using 3 Boost Potions.

See also [YouTube] Granado Espada ヴァレリア編入クエスト攻略動画 for video guide.

Dramatic Meeting: Catherine Torsche
The entire quest mission has 1 hour duration. How fast Catherine spawns depends on your kill rate. You may wish to farm some Enhanced Antidotes from Dr. Torsche's Mansion, Grand Library before continuing. It is not really necessary though.

At the start, Gwraig will speak her first line:


Then a zone-wide notice will announce:

The entrance will be closed soon. Please hide quickly.

Enter the main room, and start clearing mobs as fast as you can. This means if you can survive, don't hide in the stairwell where there aren't that many monsters. Gwraig will speak her 2nd line:

They. Are. Strong. Fight. Til. The. End. For. Our. Master.

Continue clearing mobs. Gwraig will speak her 3rd line:

Kill. That. Traitor. Catherine. First.

Eventually, Montoro will start talking. It took me about 15 minutes to trigger Montoro's speech. After the dialog ends, Catherine will spawn. Lure her over to stairwell, and defeat her. Use Spiritual RES Potion to resist her debuffs. Nothing special about the fight, just make sure your Catherine doesn't die.


I used Master Romina (Equites), Master Musketeer (Outrage Shot), and Expert Catherine STR (High Guard) to finish her off, using AM Boost and Mystic Potion (or Election Compensation Potion). The entire mission took about 25 minutes.


Silfo said…
do U know how to get asoka???
please help me
Sied said…

G1 only has said that they won't sell Asoka directly in the cash shop, so there's 3 option, Promos, Boxes, and the Colletor's Edition, but this last one is unsure.

I recommend you to lurk the forums to see if there's something new about Asoka, and expect to spend at least $100 to get her xD