Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Sword 128: Renaissance

After the Age of Renaissance arrived, the family went ahead and completed the quests involving Crazy Emilia, Catherine Torsche, and Valleria, thereby meeting the prerequisites for related raid missions. The 3 characters will remain in their cards for now, so their stories will be related next time. There are too many things to cover in one weekly journal anyway. Plus, I don't want to finish all the new things too fast anyway. It's going to be some time before G1 updates again, so it seems prudent to leave yourself something to do over the long wait time for the next patch.

The family used some reserved Constellation Symbols to acquire Shadow Sting for Artemisia (Calyce), Tested Burst for Lolita (Claire), and Peltast and Crusader for Athena (f/fig). They used 140 Upgrade Accelerators and 3 Lacquers +5: Expert in the processing of upgrading Accuracy of Pegasus (crossbow) and Insight of Antares (javelin) to +6, and Judgment of Bywn (staff) to +5. Socket Flux x3 were wasted in 2nd socket attempts. The +7 upgrade and socket opening will just have to wait for the family to acquire more vis.

The enchantment process used 250 Veteran Enchantment Chips and Enchant Boosters. The crossbow was enchanted with ATK + Human, while javelin was enchanted with ATK + Daemon. The javelin's racial damage is rather low, but it will have to do for now. The staff was enchanted with ATK + ATK Rating, but unfortunately the ATK is low as well.

As compensation for the removal of Lv.1-80 Polish, the family received 1071 Shiny Crystals. Because of the ninja patch (i.e. no pre-patch announcement), the family wasn't able to farm the existing boss spinelles for more Polish items. The family was also missing 1 symbol to craft Constellation Polearm. If the patch was announced beforehand, the family would have bought or traded for the missing symbol to craft the weapon.

Adorabelle (f/ele) returned from Lightning Gate with Knuckle of Raionu (knuckle) and Einschiever Sword (great sword). The family also completed several Arsene Circus and Team Arena missions, looting Symbol of Leo, Le Noir (ele) Recipe, and Le Noir (wiz) Recipe. After the ninja patch, Soteira (Helena) brought the family to Arsene's Secret Vault. But repeated disconnections plagued the raids. In the end, she only completed one such raid.

Following up on log d.: Raid Galore, the family took up bounty hunting for Bribantra, King of Greed, and Boneless. After trading Veteran Tokens for the treasure key, the Masters joined other families to raid Dr. Torsche's Mansion Basement, just to see what kinky things the good doctor kept in his basement closets. Naturally, the basement was swarming with lots of life-sized dolls. The debuff that locks skills and drains HP/SP was so annoying with the mob swarms in the latter rooms. Compared to the trials you needed to get to the final boss, Victor was a sort of anti-climax. A clan mate got Dragon Heart Recipe from the roulette chest, while the family received White Gold Bar instead. Since you need 1 White Gold Bar to start the mission, it was like Dr. Torsche saying, "Here's your ticket returned to you! Thanks for coming!"

The Masters also visited Castilla, and started raiding Castilla Mine and exploring Castilla Ruins, including a visit to disturb the sleeping king. Having Pure Gold Bar in the roulette chest is just plain dumb. The family returned from Castilla with an awful lot of stupid Lv.84 elite equipment. They started on Castilla Episode 1, and gained the basic [Castilla Mine Explorers], [Castilla Ruins Prospector], [Steel Ararat of Chaos Slayer], [Phobitan General of Chaos Slayer], and [Basilisk of Chaos Slayer] medals.

With v5.0 Colony War Changes, all colonies were reset. The war ended with typical final zerg rush, resulting in the following occupant clans and their number of colonies - Schiavona (11), Phalanx (8), ShakeTheHeavens (2), Core (1), and What (1). Too bad there's no more Colony Protection Buff for everyone under the new system.

In any case, the event colony was held by Royalist faction, and the Masters made their first venture to Joaquin Underground Prison raid mission. Now, I understand what some sGE bloggers meant by "f**king bioman" when referring to this raid. After dying over and over again, the squad finally took down Testormento. The family received Honor Card B (500 reputation) and Cut Physical RES Necklace Recipe from the roulette chest. Meh.

The family experienced 10 disconnections this week - one during Colony War and several during Team Arena and Arsene's Secret Vault raid missions.


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