Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Patch Highlights v21.27.83

The following highlights are based on patch notes of Korean live servers (not test server). American servers are currently at v20.38.22.

Armonia Update in Summer 2014

For earlier versions, see Patch Highlights v20.81.80.

  • Added new artifacts for Nena/Sierra, Catherine, Catherine Torsche, and Alejandro.
  • Added quest-related monster spinelles (e.g. Thief Capri) to NPC shop in Ustiur Base Camp for 3-10 million Vis. Usable only in Thueringen Lakeside.
  • Revised points for Baron level.

  • Revised skills for Piracy, Pythonisse, Rapiere/Grim Rapiere, Rocking, Maiden of Glacier, Folklore, Mary's job skill, Tronada Cruz, Illusion Garde, Vendetta, Tested/Demolition Burst, Ambrosia, Duel Blaster, and Trikinesis.
    • See the tables here for details. Use Google Translate if needed. The changes are mostly ranges and cast/cooldown times.
  • Deleted Battle Colosseum. Related items moved to Prophet's Forest (Royal Myconid) or Reboldoeux Culverts.
  • Revised Demonic Sphinx/Minotauros/Medusa. Increased chance (x2) for enhanced boss to appear. Increased amount of Sun Stones dropped for enhanced boss.
  • Added Bristia Guild Permission (7 days) to doubles favor rate acquisition in Kielce daily quests.
  • Reduced drop rates in Lago Celeste, Skeleton Dungeon 2F, Gehenna Bridge, and Rion Dungeon.


  • Revised field bosses for Sharffenberger (aka Vergo), Diablo, and Uraeus.
    • Improved difficulty and loot (e.g. ELN/General Plate, artifact materials).
    • Respawns in 24-48 hours.
  • Added new artifacts related to Diablo. See [韓測20.95.77] 飾物強化最大值優化、感知型區王神器及友好度加倍書.
  • Revised party (aka faction) formation.
    • A newly formed party have a grace period of 10 days. The party may not declare war, do party missions, join Colony War, or level up.
    • The restrictions are removed after 10 days if the party has more than 5 members.
  • Increased game client maximum memory usage from 1.7G to 3.7G.
  • Added daily quests to Bahama Prophet's Forest. You must have recruited Nena.

  • Added new character - Levin, available via Lyndon Box.
  • Added NPC Olivia to provide buffs (max 15 per floor) in Tigres Prison.
    • Each buff costs enchantment chips depending on floor - B5F/B6F = 2 Veteran, B7F = 3 Veteran, B8F/B9F = 2 Expert, and B10F = 3 Expert.
    • The buffs include (1) AR+1; (2) ATK +40%; (3) Penetration +15; (4) AR+2, ATK +20%, ATK Speed +20%; (5) DR+2, DEF +20, Magic RES +20; or (6) AR+4, DR+4, ATK +30%, Penetration +10.
  • Revised drop rates of Bristia Soldier's Box. Increased in Kielce Night, reduced in Resistance Shelter.
  • Added Enchantment Chip Exchanger NPC.

  • Added Game Option to include time stamp on chat messages.
  • Increased time for missions to end based on squad size.
  • Revised NPC level to 200 for Tierra de la Sed.
  • Revised lots of skills for World-Cross PVP. See [韓測21.09.26] PVP模式技能、傷害公式修正.

  • Fixed some skills from Vendetta, Femme Fatale, and Forgotten Magic.
  • Auto-PVP status imposed for fighting King Dragonhead in Lucifer Basement Lab.


  • Revised Rachel's job skill tool tip to also include ATK +20% vs. monsters.
  • Revised Prosper Rapier innate stats to Penetration +8.
  • Revised repeatable quests for Bahama Prophet's Forest and Sky Altar.
  • Revised poison gas debuff tool tip for Tigres Prison B9F.


TD3 said…
I can't seem to understand what was updated with Rapiere stance. Would you happen to know?
Ashardalon said…
Additional effect to [Ropera] skill - something like if you ignores magic attack successfully, you get a buff for 15s increasing skill ATK +50%.