[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

2011 Summer Update Preview

Korean Granado Espada has released a update preview for Summer 2011. See 업데이트 미리보기 - 2011년 여름 업데이트. All information may be subject to changes and modifications. Discuss in the forums at Next kGE Update (IAH) or New Recruitable NPCs (G1).

1. Ludin von Hanen
Lolita strikes back! Ludin is the youngest of a noble family, and is related to Leonele. She is a specialist fire elementalist. Her stances are Possession Fire and her unique Efreet [이프리트] stance using 2 fire bracelets. The Expert stance book can be acquired from Sekhmet. See here for screenshots of her skills.

Random Comment: "To make the loli even more eerier, the teddy bear is the one who actually control the loli." - Xei [Source] Caption of first picture originates from Geek of Spades [Source].

2. Veronif
This alchemist is found in Viron (F6). Veronif is a variant scout. Her stances are First Aid, Fortitudo (aka Bard), Enhanced Tactics, and her unique stance - Hermetise [에르멘티스], which has both ranged attack and buff skills. She uses a new type of weapon - tome. See here for screenshots of her new skills.

3. Dana & Natalie
Both sisters have Flintlock (Rescue Knight) and Equites (Normal) stances. Natalie is found in Frozen Plain (aka Frozen Waste). Dana should be located in Viron. Dana's personal skill (Strength) and Natalie's personal skill (Technical) are similar to Raven's Trigger and Garcia's Shadow Trigger skills.

4. Ralph
This character is rare, just like Asoka. (This probably means he can only be acquired from limited edition boxes or web games.) He uses crossbow with 2 unique stances - Shining Sting and Sharpshooter. He may have a job skill similar to Silent Move skill. See here and here for screenshots of his skills.

5. Strata Devil Armor
There are 6 types of these new armors, including Metal armor.

6. Lucifer, Secret Garden
The secret garden map will be added to Lucifer Castle, where Viscount Montoro tortures and eats babies (well, sort of). It includes some underground lab monsters and an insectoid human as boss. Some mechanisms in the garden relates to Dr. Torsche.

7. Others
Brunie's Expert stance will be added. Added new quests to Castilla region. Modified squad user interface. Added Angel Weapon costumes for rifle and gaiters for Magic Score web game (July 2011).