[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

Sword 144: White Tigers

Selene (Asoka) reached Expert Lv.9, while training in Ancient Bahamar Cave. After defeating Dr. Fran Mothtein some time ago, the family finally recruited Nurarihyon (Baek Ho), who was named after the yokai that sneaks into houses for tea in Japanese folklore.

After failing to get the pet box 2 weeks ago, the family finally gained it with some help. Byakko (White Tiger Pet) was named after the White Tiger of the West, one of the Four Symbols (四象) in Chinese constellations. Then, the family decided to try for Black Tiger Pet and bought $20 ESN Code (9,000 Gold) for 500m vis. After opening 38 Black Tiger Boxes, no pet box dropped. Again. Instead, there were...
  • 3 x 10 Triumph Fillers
  • 4 x 1 Honor Card B
  • 3 x 5 Earth Stones (10k feso each)
  • 3 x 100 Pet Food
  • 4 x 2 Strength Potions
  • 6 x 3 L100 Enchantment Chips
  • 2 x 1 Secret Area Pass (1 day)
  • 9 x 3 Crystal Wings (7 days)
  • 4 x 1 Survival Manual (Drop Rate +15% for 15 days)
Gah. Most of the drops from the boxes are not even worth the cost (250 Gold each). It's really annoying when there are non-tradable and non-stackable items in the random boxes. Those 15-days Survival Manuals cannot be traded and only one can be used at any one time. The irony is that all these manuals hold up inventory space, so even with improved drop rates, there won't be any space to loot the items. The Crystal Wings are worse. Each box drops 3 non-stackable wings. Now, the family has a total of 42 Crystal Wings taking up all the slots in the inventory. Why don't they drop something tradable or take up less bloody space?

Team Arena loot included Symbol of Leo, Symbol of Sagittarius, Symbol of Pisces, Symbol of Aquarius, and Le Noir (ele) Recipe. Griffon mission yielded only Symbol of Cancer. The roulettes of the week included lots of Honor Cards, bringing the family's reputation over 300,000 points. Qualified Belts and Artisan's Shoes Recipe are still fine, but everything else is junk.

Joaquin Underground Prison
  1. 2 Honor Cards B
  2. Honor Card B, L100 Weapon
  3. Honor Card B, Chevalier Greaves
  4. Honor Card B, L100 Weapon
  5. Qualified Belt, Honor Card B
  6. Assassin Gloves, Portable ASO Box
  7. Qualified Belt, Portable ASO Box
Dr. Torsche's Basement
  1. Honor Card B, White Gold Bar
  2. Portable ASO Box, L100 Weapon
  3. Honor Card B, L100 Armor
  4. Artisan's Shoes Recipe, L100 Armor
  5. L100 Weapon, L100 Armor
  6. Portable ASO Box, White Gold Bar
  7. L100 Weapon, Portable ASO Box
Castilla Mine
  1. 3 Ancient Relics, 1 Pure Gold Bar, 1 L84 Elite Armor, 1 Rough Stone
  2. 1 Ancient Relic Piece, 1 Pure Gold Bar, 1 L84 Elite Weapon, 2 L100 Armors, 1 L96 Enchant Chip
  3. 1 Gold Ancient Relic, 1 Ancient Relic Piece, 2 L100 Weapons, 1 L84 Elite Weapon, 1 Veteran B EXP Card
  4. None (Disconnection)
Phalanx clan took back the colonies lost in the previous week. The colony occupants this week were Schiavona (12) and Phalanx (11). There were 4 disconnections this week.