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Poppet For Pet

With Update 4 (v2.9) patch, pets have invaded Granado Espada. Now, the rich can legally bot... loot while AFK. Here is a guide on how to acquire a bot... pet.

Now, Catherine bot can have more bots... pets! Moppet (healer) and Poppet (looter)!

Bot Pet Facts
  • There are currently 2 types of pets - Poppet (looter) and Moppet (healer). Names may differ according your localized edition of GE.
  • A pet does its specific job (e.g. looting) about once every 5 seconds.
  • A Poppet (looter) does not prioritize loots. It may very well ignore Recipe - Elite Dragon Coat and loot a Very Good Beef instead. (It just isn't very smart, but hey, it's cute!)
  • Each pet food feeds the pet 5% energy, allowing it to function for 1 hour. You may feed it up to 100% energy with 20 pet food for 20 hours.
  • A new pet starts with 25% energy level.
  • Pet food can be acquired from Feso Shop: 1 pet food for 3k feso, 10 food for 30k feso, 100 food for 270k feso, and 200 food for 470k feso.

How To Get Your Bot Pet
Essentially, you have to kill the mother and steal her baby (or rather egg). [Hmm... Is this ethical?] Then check back on the egg for 3 consecutive days for it to hatch.
  1. Talk to the Pet Keeper in Gigante Beach (F6) twice to receive the quest to obtain an egg.

  2. Click on the rock in the free zone of Fire Island (F10) to enter a quest instance (60 min.) in the hidden mushroom cave. You may enter the cave as often as you like, and obtain as many eggs as you like.

  3. In the cave, turn right and kill 3 Poppets (Lv.50). This will spawn the Pet Guardian, 3 Poppets, and 1 Moppet on the left side of the cave.

  4. Kill the Moppet (Lv.50) to spawn the Pet Guardian's Egg.

  5. Kill either the 3 Poppets (Lv.50) or the Pet Guardian (same level as your highest level character in the party). When this happens, the Pet Guardian will vanish and say "Kaw~~".

  6. Click on the Pet Guardian's Egg within about 2 seconds of "Kaw~~" to receive Egg With Moss. To avoid missing the time, use one character to continuously click on the Pet Guardian's Egg, while the others kill the Poppets/Pet Guardian. (Egg With Moss is tradable, and can be sold to NPC for 500 vis.)

  7. Talk to the Pet Keeper to give him the egg. This will warp you into a quest instance at Gigante Beach.

  8. Run over the bridge to the beach and kill the Pet Guardian (Lv.50). It will be assisted by Poppets (Lv.58). The Pet Keeper (Lv.60) must be kept alive.

  9. Talk to the Pet Keeper with Egg With Moss to place the egg in the hatchery. (The hungry Pet Keeper wanted to have fried eggs...) You will be warped to the hatchery. This will be Day 1. (Days are counted according server time. So, if you place the egg on Monday 11.45 pm, Day 2 will begin in 15 minutes when the server rolls over to Tuesday.)

  10. Click on the Unhatched Egg to clean off the moss. You can just ignore the non-offensive monsters, such as rabbits, around the place.

  11. On Day 2, visit the hatchery in Gigante Beach (G5) and click on the Unhatched Egg again.

  12. On Day 3, click on the Unhatched Egg and the pet will hatch. Click on the pet to gain Baby Pet Box.

  13. Talk to the Pet Keeper with your pet. Drag the Baby Pet Box into the slot and give the pet its first name. (Its last name will be your family name.)

  14. The pet will then be accessible via the in-game Menu.

So there you have it! Start botting... petting. See also Jap GE v2.8.7 and Jap GE v2.9.0.

Catherine hangs out with her cute Cthulhu...


Kat said…
Made me lol. Sounds like a lot of work to get them though @_@
Hache said…
OOh, granado espada from the oceana just got pets!! I'm still confused and scared about "fesos". I can't buy stuff cause I;m not old enough and I can't find the monsters that drop the stones which swap for fesos. Do you know what monsters drop it or how to get fesos?
The stones are dropped by mobs in Super Fights (e.g. Poison Yard) and treasure mobs in FT/AT. Drop rate is crappy though.