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The Game That Makes No Sense

With Update 4 (v2.9) patch, Tiburon continues scamming chips at Gigante Port. Now, the entire game makes no sense at all. See more at Rock Paper Scissors Game Bug topic.

My Scissors vs. His "Paper" = I lost ... Maybe his "Paper" is actually a Rock? Wait, if so then it should be a draw for the next match.

My Rock vs. His "Paper" = I won ... So his "Paper" can also be Scissors?!

The same thing happens with his "Scissors", which may be either Paper or Rock... Yet, My Scissors vs. His "Scissors" ends with a draw!

WTF is going on, man?

You call yourself a champion? You don't even know how to play, noob!


Jeremy said…
The game doesn't make sense, period.

You basically have a 33% chance of winning the game, and thus getting your chips moved up to the next level.

But you can simply put your chips in the exchange machine, and trade 3 for the next level.