[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

[Sword2] Revelations v6.7

Sword 2 has released Revelations update (v6.7.1). The last update (v5.0.23) was in Feb 2011, so this new update took about 5 months. X-Trap is currently v3072.
For other related patch articles, see GE-SG Update v6.3 and GE Singapore v6.7.1. See also Book of Fire: Patch Notes for compiled patch notes from Korean test servers.

There are also 2 new boxes added to the cash shop. See Quinzel's VI and Raiden's VI for details.

Quinzel's Surprise VI includes Dragon Heart Recipe, Symbol of Pisces, Figure Skate Costume (f/fig), Blue Serpent Hat (f/wiz), Torosmata Ren Costume (m/sco), and Colchicum Costume (Lisa).

Raiden's Box of Rage VI includes Dragon's Lumiere Rod (AR32 rod), Symbol of Scorpio, and Katana (AR30 sabre).

Blog Header v6.7
Blog header has been updated for v6.7. Some renders are taken from Vietnam GE forums here. The previous header for v5.0.23 is as below:


+Rozaaz+ said…
The camera option doesn't seem to work in this patch anymore.. Same with the green circles and triangles under character's feet. Can't remove them.. Maybe I'm just dumb but this makes me sad.

Either wya... Whoo! Revelations! \o/
Ashardalon said…
You mean ChangeCamera()? Yah, but you should be able to use NavCamToggle() instead. See Toggle Camera Navigation.
AbouDehn said…
Just a random question, but, how do u manage to get sooo many reputation points? Thanks in advance ^^
Ashardalon said…
You can get reputation points from Honor Cards in raid missions and Secret Guard.