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"Red" Faction Fight Clarification

There are more "red" families inside Royalist Faction Fight today again, but at least this time it does not seem intentional. Unlike Rmans family a few days ago (see Sword 147: Red Tiger), these "reds" are not actually camping the warp gate or beacon, and, from I could see, are not buffed either.

So I bet people who don't think things through properly are going to accuse Phalanx clan of exploiting this bug. Well, no. We have no intention of doing this. This is the Royalist Faction Fight. We are not in a squad with any Republicans today. In fact, no war has been declared on this new Royalist clan at that time. So there is really no way we can make them "red" to us. These new Royalist players are in a war squad with the Republicans (i.e. Othrys/Saturnine), however. That is how they fight us in Queen's Gate in the first place. So this red status inside Royalist Faction Fight is triggered by them (unknowingly), not us.

I'm not going to explain publicly what triggers this red status exactly, since some trolls might decide to intentionally exploit it. (I will see if I can get a forum moderator to post in moderator-only forums for G1 when I'm free, assuming they don't already know.) So I will just say this - If you do not intend to exploit this remote war-sharing bug, please leave your war-sharing squad before you enter El Antiguo Patrimonio. You can always rejoin it later after buffing all your characters.


Amalielle said…
fast one ash.




I was only getting buff (not my cath/stf stance). It was one of you who exploited the bug, I don't wanna be on you blog next week for being the bad guy. Not gonna bring it to forum and such. Just wanna clear my name in advance.---

Not intentionally, Ophi just killed me not so intentionally...
Vana said…
Not to be mean or anything Ash, but I think you just told people how to use this exploit with your bolded text.
Amalielle said…
PS: I wasn't in any squad to start with, to avoid getting PK at the gate.
Ashardalon said…
@Vana: Uh, there are certain conditions to meet in addition to being in a war squad. Being in a war squad alone by itself isn't enough. I think people already know this involved war-sharing squads when it first showed up in Bristia or something.

@Ama: Well, you are red, of cos they will try to kill you off b4 you can do it to them. The point is that red status is triggered on your side, not ours.

"I wasn't in any squad to start with, to avoid getting PK at the gate."

Uh, look at the top-left icons of your own screenshot. You ARE in a squad. Maybe someone else invited a Republican into your squad while you aren't paying attention.

Since your clan currently not officially at war with anyone, nobody can kill you on any map at all if you are not sharing war with a squad. So if you see red, you need to check your squad status/members.
Ashardalon said…
It will get confusing if both sides are squadded with warring Republicans. But in this case, it isn't, so it's fairly straightforward.

I think this is just an accident. If you frequently squad with Republicans for war, it is probably best to just leave the squad before entering FF. Don't rejoin squad until you are finished buffing all your characters and are back in town.