Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Red Tiger & v9.0 Teaser

Red Tiger Pet is now available until July 29 in Hellena's Circus of Fate. Red Tiger heals and buffs [Protection of the Tiger], which grants Monster Blow Damage +10%, Penetration +5, Immunity +5, DEF +10, Critical +5, and Movement Speed +10%. See [HCOF] Red is for Raiders! (SG) and Tiger Box IV (US).

Red Tiger Pet costs 2 Gold Tokens, which is the same as Kurenai Recipe (AR33 Great Sword). Other pets are much cheaper - Cockatrice/Capybara/Phobitan (30 Tokens), Yellow/White Tiger (30 Tokens), Fortune Cat (25 Tokens), and Panpan/Pigling/Rudolph (20 Tokens).

[Notice] Removal of Shelter Passes in v8.5
In addition, Shelter Passes will be removed in v8.5. There will be no compensation for 7-days passes and event passes. Shelter Pass (1-day) will be replaced with 250,000 Feso instead.

[Korea] v9.0 Teaser Micro-Site
See also Korean micro-site 그라나도 에스파다 5주년 기념티저 for the latest version. The first page features v9.0 teaser video. There are some information on new characters like Ludin, Beroniff, Ralph, Daria, and Natalie. There are also some stuffs on new monsters, like Juergen, Nephthys, Death Wraith, and Cortes. Strata Devil Weapons are mentioned as well.

Strata Devil Armors are all DEF Rating 35, except for Plate (DR 33). See 악마성 방어구 for screenshot.


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