[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

Sword 148: Male Fighter & Scout

Ishtar (Valleria) Expert Lv.10 inside Castilla Mine. Elsewhere, Cameron (Catherine INT) and Arcee (Catherine DEX) reached Lv.100 and mastered all their stances. Since there will be family level bonus for having stock characters of different gender in the future (v7.5.0), the family decided to start training a few male stock characters to take advantage of the Stance EXP Boost event.

Mistilteinn (m/fig) was named after the legendary sword which Hrómundr Gripsson seized from an undead king in an Icelandic saga. Marcion (m/sco) was named after the early Christian arch-heretic who rejected the Old Testament as contrary to the teachings of Jesus and delineated one of the earliest known Canon of Scripture.

Since the event colony (Rion Praire) was held by a neutral clan, there was no Joaquin raid this week. That freed up some time to do other things. Griffon mission yielded Symbol of Capricorn and Symbol of Virgo, while all 5 Rafflesia missions dropped awesome Mega Talt. Furthermore, the roulette loot were all crap. Again.

Dr. Torsche's Basement
  1. Portable ASO Box, Honor Card B
  2. L100 Weapon, White Gold Bar
  3. White Gold Bar, Honor Card B
  4. L100 Armor, L100 Weapon
  5. 2 Portable ASO Boxes
  6. White Gold Bar, Honor Card B
  7. L100 Armor, Honor Card B
Bounty Hunt: Accursed Sedecram + Bahamar
  1. 2 Veteran Tokens + L100 Weapon, Honor Card B
  2. L100 Armor, Veteran Token + 2 Veteran Tokens
  3. Veteran Token, Portable ASO Box + L100 Weapon, Assassin Gloves
  4. L100 Weapon, L100 Armor + 2 Veteran Tokens
  5. L100 Weapon, Honor Card B + L100 Weapon, Veteran Token
  6. Veteran Token, Portable ASO Box + Mystic Shoes, Veteran Token
  7. Veteran Token, Portable ASO Box + Veteran Token, Portable ASO Box
Castilla Mine
  1. 2 L100 Weapons, 2 L84 Elite Armors, Rough Stone, L100 Armor
  2. 3 L100 Armors, L84 Elite Weapon, L100 Weapon, Pure Gold Bar
Castilla Relic
  1. L96 Enchantment Chip, L100 Armor, L100 Weapon, 2 L84 Elite Weapons, L84 Elite Armor
  2. 2 L96 Enchantment Chips, 2 L100 Weapons, L84 Elite Weapon, Qualified Metal Belt Recipe
  3. L100 Armor, 2 Rough Stones, 2 L84 Elite Armors, Rare Gem Recipe
For Colony War, the Republicans managed to hang on to the event colony (Bonavista River), so all Royalists won't get to raid Joaquin next week again. The colony occupants this week were Phalanx (8), Schiavona (4), Core (3), Amalielle (3), ShakeTheHeavens (2), Othrys (1), Soniere (1), and ~Galactica~ (1).

The server also went down at the beginning of the week, causing several maps to be inaccessible. The family experienced 8 disconnections this week, and the family was still gaining Reputation Points (328,923) despite using them for Bounty Hunts. No wonder, so many Honor Cards from roulette chests.


Almontri said…
Mistilteinn looks quite smashing. You like the Sunset Stripe costume I take it? :P I always have.

And these roulettes. Why are they so crappy. :((