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2011 Summer Update Preview 2

Korean Granado Espada has released Part 2 of 2011 Summer Update Preview - 업데이트 미리보기 - 2011년 여름 업데이트. See also 2011 Summer Update Preview (Part 1).

1. Farm
Ustiur Farm can be entered up to 5/day. Farming produce ingredients for dishes. Recipes are also sold by NPC. The reward can be acquired using Farm Tokens.

You can buy a land to farm crops as determined by farming level. You can plant seeds by dragging them onto the ground. The growing crops can be attacked by wild animals. You can purchase turrets to protect the crops. The wild animals also have a chance to drop items. Crops require frequent attention. You can check your farm status from the top menu - My Family Information > Farm (Ctrl + Shift + F).

Wandering merchant can show up at the farm, involving random rewards and Scissors-Paper-Rock guessing games. You can perform fishing with a fishing rod, involving time and fishing level. You can also trap Cockatrices and Capybaras with trap installations. The lower the hit points, the higher the chance of success. You have to feed them or they will die. If successful, you can gain a Cockatrice or Capybara Pet.

You can obtain rare items from wandering merchants. When you plant Magic Bean Seed, you can eventually enter Jack & The Bean Stalk mission (MCC1). Inside the mission, you can defeat the giant and loot the treasure chests.

2. Pioneering Update
Monster hunts will be revised. This change does not apply to premium dungeons, such as Forgotten Areas, Ancient Areas, and Heavenly Sedecram (aka Sacred Chaos Requiem, Citadel of the Gods). You can associate with 1 of the 3 guilds via each NPC. Friendship with the NPC will increase as you complete the quests. It seems to be mutually exclusive, so if you build friendship with 1 NPC, the other 2 will be "less friendly". There are 6 steps of friendship ranks - F, D, C, B, A, and S. To improve friendship rank, you need to pass a special upgrade test. There will be a shop selling certain items.

See [GM TIP] 개척비의 리뉴얼, 개척 상단의 등 for featured article.

In addition, you can request pioneering assistance with Ctrl + Shift + M. A warp gate will be used. This involved pioneering quests.

3. Equipment Upgrades
The costs of upgrading has been reduced in terms of Upgrade Accelerators and Shiny Crystals. For example, weapons with ATK Rating 33 (Constellation Weapons) now require only 15 Upgrade Accelerators instead of 20. The table below compares the maximum items required (old vs. new) for weapons (left) and armors (right). Light blue cells are for Shiny Crystals, while the darker cells are for Upgrade Accelerators. Click on table below for full-size view.

4. Jukebox Upgrade
The jukebox has been improved to allow you to select and play any background music of your own play list, instead of only the music associated with the particular local map.

5. Lucifer Castle, Moonlight Garden
Moonlight Garden will be added to Lucifer Castle. Access is mostly likely through Secret Garden mentioned in the previous preview. Several monsters and bosses guard the castle portal. The rose spirits are experiments of Montoro and Archduke Philip (aka Felipe). Juergen awaits the pioneer families in this garden.

6. Revised Tutorial
All new families will start in a new location Estonia, showcasing all recruitable characters. You can click on the NPC to use their skills on training dummies.

7. Characters
The next recruitable character is a magic user - Inon Oannes. He was the heir of Vespanola, and his history was tied to Catherine Torsche and Marquis Hernan. He uses bracelets.

Furthermore, Selva's [Rapida Espada] stance will be improved. Her arm-shield can be removed (not sure about the exact effects).


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