Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Sword 147: Red Tiger

Ryuk (Kurt) reached Expert Lv.4, while collecting some Ancient Runes. The family finally traded +6 Elite Schvarlier Armor [Evasion +12, Lightning RES +5, Mental RES +7, DEF Rating +3 • 2S: Absorb +6/+6] for Red Tiger Pet. The trading family managed the drop in 34 Red Tiger Boxes. Hobbes (Red Tiger) was named after the anthropomorphic stuffed tiger in Calvin & Hobbes comics, which was in turn named after the philosopher Thomas Hobbes. Of course, this red tiger made the white tiger (see Sword 144: White Tigers) completely worthless.

Adorabelle (f/ele) traded away her +6 The Fire of Palermo (fire bracelet) with [ATK + Life] enchantment for another one. The re-enchantment process used 45 Veteran Enchantment Chips and Enchant Boosters to enchant it with [ATK + ATK Rating] enchantment. The bracelet's 3rd socket was opened after 16 attempts. Luckily, it was successfully upgraded to +7 with only 20 Upgrade Accelerators and 2 Lacquers +6: Expert.

The weekly Griffon mission dropped Symbol of Virgo... and Elite Rescue Suit Recipe. The Masters also completed 2 Rafflesia missions and got... nothing; well, there was always Mega Talt. And all that was with Event Drop Rate +20%, Survival Manual +15%, and Pan Pan +20%. Torsche's Basement had been giving crap for the past weeks, as well as Bounty Hunts.

Joaquin Underground Prison
  1. Portable ASO Box, Honor Card B
  2. Portable ASO Box, L100 Weapon
  3. Mystic Shoes, L100 Armor
  4. Honor Card B, Cut Fire RES Necklace Recipe
  5. Mystic Shoes, Elemental Jewel
  6. Tracking Boots, L100 Armor
  7. Portable ASO Box, Chevalier Grieves
Dr. Torsche's Basement
  1. L100 Weapon, Honor Card B
  2. None (Disconnection)
  3. L100 Weapon, Honor Card B
  4. None (Disconnection)
  5. L100 Weapon, Honor Card B
  6. L100 Armor, White Gold Bar
  7. L100 Weapon, White Gold Bar
Bounty Hunt: Accursed Sedecram + Bahamar
  1. Veteran Token, L100 Weapon + Veteran Token, Honor Card B
  2. 2 Veteran Tokens + Veteran Token, L100 Weapon
  3. 2 Veteran Tokens + L100 Armor, Honor Card B
  4. 2 Veteran Tokens + 2 Veteran Tokens
Castilla Mine
  1. Ancient Relic Piece, L100 Weapon, L100 Enchantment Chip, Pure Gold Bar, 2 L84 Elite Armors
  2. Rare Gem Recipe, L84 Elite Weapon, 2 Ancient Relic Pieces, L100 Armor, Elemental Jewel
  3. L100 Enchantment Chip, L100 Weapon, 2 Pure Gold Bars, L84 Elite Armor, Rough Stone
  4. L100 Enchantment Chip, L96 Enchantment Chip, 2 Rough Stones, 2 Pure Gold Bars
Castilla Relic
  1. Dragon Heart Recipe, 3 L100 Weapons, L100 Armor
  2. L100 Armor, 2 L84 Elite Armors, L100 Enchantment Chip, L84 Elite Weapon, Rough Stone
  3. L100 Armor, L84 Elite Armor, L100 Enchantment Chip, Pure Gold Bar, L84 Elite Weapon, Rough Stone

For Colony War, a few colonies changed hands several times. It took the opposition so many months just to realize this advantage they could have used a long time ago. To prevent the Republicans from getting the event colony Rion Praire, Schiavona clan seized it. Since Schiavona is currently neutral, so nobody gets to raid Joaquin Underground Prison next week. Phalanx/Schiavona alliance still held the majority of the colonies. The colony occupants were Phalanx (15), Schiavona (4), ShakeTheHeavens (1), Core (1), Othrys (1), and Soniere (1).

In any case, Rmans family exploited a bug that, up to now, have never been used in Orpesia server. This involved being "red" inside El Antiguo Patrimonio (aka Faction Fight). Theoretically, it should not be possible, because war-sharing with squad members is possible only if they are on the same map, but Republicans cannot possibly enter Royalist Faction Fight. Lately, there were plenty of PvP actions available in Queen's Gate, but somehow this family still felt the need to exploit a bug inside Faction Fight.

After talking to ShakeTheHeavens clan leader, it did not seem like this behavior was endorsed by that clan. This family is probably better considered to be one of the clan-less/Royalist minions of Saturnine/Othrys clans (Republican). Why they remain in their Royalist clans is a mystery. It may well be to spy and attempt to poach members from the parent clans.

In a sense, it wasn't too surprising. After all, some of these players readily accepted Hard‡Core family into their previous clan (What clan), despite the fact that the family was known for exploiting a Colony War bug to be able to attack another clan's colony while still remaining un-attackable. See Sword 127: War Bug Exploit for screenshot and video.

Furthermore, a couple of these Saturnine/Othrys-related players have already been account-suspended (temporarily) due to offenses including the use of pejoratives (e.g. "faggot") and verbal sexual harassment.

Having won a couple of raids, Saturnine/Othrys clan members and their clan-less associates somewhat felt the need to brag about it by spamming microphones, as well as parading their petty Medals of Victory in towns. They even have to shamelessly violate another player's game account so as to steal raid timers and AFK locations from other clans.

It's fine when players want to compete in raids and PvP. It's fine if they even win. But when they have resort to such things mentioned so far, it is just contemptible. Therein lies the difference from the other top clans. When Phalanx clan won the second King Henry raid this week, we didn't spam microphones to brag and trash-talk about it. The players who can't win gracefully (i.e. without bragging and trash-talking) are usually the same players who get sore when they lose.

The family experienced 7 disconnections this week, and the Family Reputation has risen to 323,712.


PMT said…
LoL thats all I have to say
Amalielle said…
Oh wow, since when you became so one-sided?

"Shamelessly violated other players account" is that me, bc it sound familiar????

If you talking about Nyx, he's feed up with phalx and didn't have the balls to leave, all I did was doing my friend a favor and left the clan for him.

Have you consider a possibility of a spy? like someone who give us the timer on purpose? Or, we actually stand on the map and watch for the gate open message??
Othrys said…
your clan wouldn't even let any other can FFA with just straight DPS. so you can STFU about fairness.
XelNaga-Tribe said…
I detect trolls!!
LOL you cant have peace, they are in all places xDD.
They all need rl friends, gf, bf or some love from their own familys lol.
Ashardalon said…
There is nothing wrong with PvP at field raids. None of us ever complaint about that. And I didn't say anything about fairness. Learn to read. Take an English language course if you need it.

What have your alliance ppl been doing?
- exploit red bug inside FF
- using pejoratives/verbal harassment that resulted in multiple bans
- stealing raid timers instead of camping yourself
- bragging over every minor wins

If LOL is all you have to say to all these deeds, then I really look down on you - that is, the player, the person at the keyboard.

Yes, the spy is Nyx, or rather one of you using Nyx account. Don't tell me that you actually camp Rio Albi yourself. Your ppl only went over AFTER getting LG timer. We do scan the map b4 raid, and I know what time Day3741 went over.

The fact that you even have to resort to spying is already a disgrace.

Like I said, I have no problem with ppl competing and winning at raids (with or without PvP), but your clan's conduct leaves much to be desired.
Amalielle said…
Challenge accepted.
Day3741 said…
funny thing is you guys are not the only ones who hate Nyx. :P
Amalielle said…
I was gonna leave this topic for good, but I feel mean if I don't clear Nyx name, since he's innocent. Even if no one care.

1. Nyx is not a spy, he simply feed up with the game and can't find a good reason to leave the clan.
2. I only know his login for 1min, enough to click the WithDraw Clan button.

PS. Does anyone else but me realize, why a spy would leave the clan while no one else know he/she is a spy? Isn't it better just to keep her/his mouth shut and keep on spying?? Just pondering~ *summon bear worker to carry self to far far away land*
Ashardalon said…
If Nyx couldn't find a good reason to leave the clan, then maybe you shouldn't have taken his account info and make decision for him. Not that he has done much in the clan since he joined, AFAIK.

I don't see why it is so hard to click one button that he actually needs someone else to do it, thereby potentially compromising the clan as a whole. That was just irresponsible of him.

Personally, I really don't mind people winning at raids/PvP. It would be unreasonable to expect to win all the time anyway. If you found a way that works against the competition, then good for you. All the bragging, trash-talking, and pejoratives are just unnecessary, however.
Amalielle said…
That because you don't know Nyx, that's like asking why you don't talk much and never tell people about yourself, it's not that hard. Anyway i'm not here for that.


I was only getting buff (not my cath/stf stance). It was one of you who exploited the bug, I don't wanna be on you blog next week for being the bad guy. Not gonna bring it to forum and such. Just wanna clear my name in advance.
NyxSorrow said…
I'm going to clear up and mention some things.

@Amalielle I'm grateful that you got me out but you honestly dug a bigger hole than where it was. Not only did it caused this fiasco but caused suspicious to you and me. I still don't know why you even talked to mise about it and I still don't know why I even gave you my account.

@Ash I really don't know what to say to you but amalielle did not steal timers. She was only on for a brief moment and logged off. If it makes you feel any better, I have completely changed the password. She won't be getting on it anymore.

@Day3741 I've been meaning to say this in your face. You're an conceited, self declared "righteous man" and an arrogant prick. Perhaps, I am hated but you aren't far away from that either. You may be respected for what you have done to seem like the right thing but once you're out of that little group, you're nothing but a scumbag. You're also arrogant and don't try defend yourself because I really don't care. Like an example? In ethereal, I told you to be quiet because I didn't want to hear your idiotic comments but what happened? You literally blew up, contacted Claremonte to kick me out of clan because of a small trivial matter,the matter was about character toons. By the way, I'm not done. I bet in real life you're just one of those emo child who isn't even recognized as a person but as an alien which probably explains a lot about what you like to do on here: self declare "righteous comments", irritate the heck out of certain people and be an overall scumbag. One thing for sure, I'm definitely hitting every single little buttons on your little wretched heart because it definitely showed when I told you to be quiet at that time. Probably, a good thing I left this crazed game because who wants to be associated with a LOWLIFE SCUMBAG LIKE YOU.
The Cynic said…
Just one thing to say to Nyx @ Day:


Preach it!