Magic Circle 19

Magic Circle 19 (Korea) is now available until Aug 11, 2011. The first prize set includes Ludin Character Card, 50 Socket Fluxes, 100 Ring Boxes, and 3 Rose Wing Coupons (90 days). The featured costumes below were previously released in Imperial Wheel R6 (Japan) in April 2011.

Heart of Imagine Costume • Male Wizard
Heart of Imagine Costume • Female Wizard
Wild Short Hair • Male Wizard
Wave Curl Hair • Female Wizard

[SG] More Angel Weapons
Meanwhile, IAHGames has released more Angel Weapons, including crossbow, elemental bracelet, rod, and shotgun, for 3 Gold Tokens each. There is also Pigeonne Costume/Hair for Valeria for 10/7 Tokens. They are also selling eyewear products now... See [HCOF] Angel Weapons and New Costumes! and [HCOF] Gunnar's Advanced Gaming Eyewear.