Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Magic Circle 19

Magic Circle 19 (Korea) is now available until Aug 11, 2011. The first prize set includes Ludin Character Card, 50 Socket Fluxes, 100 Ring Boxes, and 3 Rose Wing Coupons (90 days). The featured costumes below were previously released in Imperial Wheel R6 (Japan) in April 2011.

Heart of Imagine Costume • Male Wizard
Heart of Imagine Costume • Female Wizard
Wild Short Hair • Male Wizard
Wave Curl Hair • Female Wizard

[SG] More Angel Weapons
Meanwhile, IAHGames has released more Angel Weapons, including crossbow, elemental bracelet, rod, and shotgun, for 3 Gold Tokens each. There is also Pigeonne Costume/Hair for Valeria for 10/7 Tokens. They are also selling eyewear products now... See [HCOF] Angel Weapons and New Costumes! and [HCOF] Gunnar's Advanced Gaming Eyewear.