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IAH/WAYI Update - Faction Renewal

WAYI updated Taiwan servers to v20.10.24 on Nov 27, 2013. The update essentially contains the contents of Revised Faction System.

Update Events (11/27/2013-01/02/2014)
Login daily for various freebies. Bonus items are Christmas Rocket (8 logins), Christmas Fantasy rod costume (15 logins), Catherine's Christmas costume (22 logins), and Rudolph Pet Box (29 logins). Newly created family will also get free event character cards for Tora, Elisa, Cruz, Veronif, and Grace. There will also be EXP +100% during event period.

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Likewise, IAHGames also updated Singapore servers to v20.10.24 (X-Trap 6800). There is Combat/Stance EXP +100% boost until Dec 05, 2013. Links to related articles will be added when they become available.

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Official v20.10.24 Patch Notes