Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Twisted Spacetime Room

If you are doing this mission within your faction, it is recommended to do with the minimum number of people (12), if possible. This way, the entire faction can have enough people for multiple runs per week, maximizing the drops for the entire faction.

Mission Information
Location: Lucifer Castle Death Corridor (F2)
Frequency: 1/week
Participants: 12-30
Duration: 120+ minutes
Entry Cost: None
Requirement: Completed Judgment Day scenario; Portero at Death Corridor (F3/G3) must have been killed since maintenance.

1. Raid Preparation
Like all Lucifer Castle maps, this mission map will impose [Montoro's Curse] status on everyone. The curse level is highest (Lv.22) on Thursday, dropping by 2 levels per day until its lowest level (Lv.10) on Wednesday. Try to schedule the raid on a day with low curse level, if possible. Be on time for the scheduled raid - don't make everyone wait for you to show up. Also, do not AFK during the raid and at the lobby.

The squad will need to assign roles. The tank, dispel, debuff, and support teams should make sure they have the required skill rings. You may also want to prepare the following food buffs:
  • Offensive Food: Caborum (AR), Spider Steak (Monster ATK), Stir Fried Octo (ATK Attribute), Capy Fish (Penetration)
  • Defensive Food: Golden Apple Pie (DR), Boar Steak (Max HP), Fish Sausage (Immunity), Egg Stew (Magic RES).
♣ Tank Teams: The squad needs at least 1 tank team. If there are enough people, a second tank team can help with the summoned monsters. Use defensive family attributes, maximizing monster/magic damage reduction. The secondary tank team can use a debuffer (see below) as a second character instead.

The main tank should be a Fighter or Coimbra Trooper in [Crusader] stance with Undead Protector (40%) shield. Use Rose/Devil Wings, Crafted Magic RES Necklace, Magic Accessories, and at least one enhanced ring with magic damage reduction (5%). Use Elite Selene's Heart artifact, if available. For armor, +7 Fate of Castilla or Greek Croma (DEF Rating +3) should suffice.

The second character should be Rio for [Spell Break Rhythm], [Maestoso], and [Con Impeto] buffs. The third character can be Scout for [Pain Killer] and [Adrenaline Fever] buffs. Alternatively, you can use Valeria for [Restore] and [Satisfy] buffs, or Emilia for [Magic Barrier] buff.

Hermes Potions and Rainbow Lollipops will help to counter [Slow] status, so the tank can move back quickly after being knocked back. Use High Abnormal State (aka Spiritual) RES Potion, if not using Emilia to buff. Principal Ampules should be used so that the tank do not lose the buff when Montoro summons his minions. Additional potions Steroid (aka Boost) Potion, Triumph/Defensive Filler, Soul Crystal, HP Regen Potion, HP Up Potion, etc.

♣ Dispel Teams: The squad should preferably have at least 2 dispel teams to use [Whole Cancellation] or [Eraser]. A typical dispel team consists of any 3 characters that can use the above skill(s), such as Wizard + Emilia the Sage + Emilia. If you wish, you may want to use [Invulnerable] skill on the character before moving in close to Montoro.

Because of [Montoro's Curse] debuff, dispel characters will be slower at casting and/or the dispel debuff does not last as long as normal. This means you need to dispel earlier than when you would usually dispel for Tower of Chaos. For more normal dispel situations, see 続・放浪記その23.

The squad can make do with just 1 dispel team, provided the player does not suffer from lag and can switch weapon/stance quickly to alternate between [Whole Cancellation] and [Refresh Mind]. The damage teams must also help with [Refresh Mind] and revive any dead characters as soon as possible. The recommended team can dispel up to 6 times - [Eraser] x1, [Whole Cancellation] x3, and [Refresh Mind] x2. See 【心得】蒙托羅加護心得 for details. You must be highly proficient at weapon switching to do this, however.

Hermes Potions and Rainbow Lollipops will help you to move in faster to dispel. Prepare lots of Soul Crystals...

♣ Damage Teams: The damage dealers should capitalize on Montoro's low DEF, so preferably shooting characters. Melee attackers work too, but you must position the characters properly to avoid splash damage. One damage team may consider bringing Kess and/or Leonele to buff [Gun Master] and/or [Leadership]. Brunie can also deal damage and debuff (see below).

The damage teams should not leave their [Enhanced Tactics] buffers idle. Bring Valeria to use [Resurrection] on mass-revive the dead and [Restore] on the tank. One team can also bring Veronif for Lv.12 [Chemical Protection]. Any Scout or Emilia can help to use [Refresh Mind] on the dispel teams. Resuscitate any dead character you see, always prioritizing the dispel teams first.

Use the standard offensive potions - Steroid Potion, Triumph/Offensive Filler, Pink Lollipop, Undead Tribe Ampule, etc. Prepare some Soul Crystals as well.

♣ Debuff Teams: The debuff teams should include at least Lisa for [Grinding] and [Lucky Strike], and (Normal or Battle Smith) Idge for [Melt Armor]. Make sure Lisa has daggers with [Trigger] enchantment. Additional debuffers include Rascel for [Venom Blade] and Heyran for [Dagger Polish]. Brunie and/or Ania can also inflict [Mortal Wound] status using [Fatal Blues] and/or [Beast] skills. 

Use Principal Ampule if using 3 debuffers without scout. Prepare Soul Crystals.

♣ Support Teams: The support teams should include at least Rio for [Shining Ballad] and [Cantabile], Grace for [Hound] and [Marksmanship], and Lorch for [Infiltration]. Note that Lorch can also inflict [Corrosion] status using [Expoison] skill. Additional support includes Angie/Yeganeh for [Concentration Ward]. Builders like Yeganeh and Jack also has additional use (see below).

2. Wait & Buff
You start at the bottom of the map (F12/G12). Montoro waits in the middle of the main room (F3/G4). Everyone moves to the wait spot (F6/G6) at end of the corridor. Do not buff yet. Just wait...

Wait there until a zone notice says: Twisted 1 hour is operating now. This will happen around 5 minutes into the mission (i.e. at mission duration 115 minutes).

Montoro will summon the first wave of monsters. All existing non-cash buffs will be removed, and everyone will receive [Gloomy Present] status, which can be removed with [Escape Artist] skill. This will happen every time Montoro summons (see below).

After this, you may start using personal and squad buff skills. Consume cash potions and food buffs (see above). Cash and food buffs will not be removed when Montoro summons. Thus, the main tank may want to consider using Principal Ampule instead of the skill from [Enhanced Tactics] stance, so that the tank will not be deprived of [Principal] buff. If there are multiple squads, note that each pot of food can only be consumed by members of the same squad. Otherwise, everyone can get their own portable food buffs.

3. Kill Summoned Monsters
The tank runs along the walls of the main room (to avoid provoking Montoro), luring the Crust Polatouches back to the wait spot. Tank and dispel them, while the damage teams finish them off. Repeat until the room is clear of the summoned monsters. Then, you can start on Montoro himself. Let the tank and dispel teams go in first. Once ready, everyone enters the main chamber. Nobody should be in the corridor/wait spot, since Montoro may go after the characters there.

Crust Polatouche • Lv.130 Lifeless • Light Armor • None • Small
HP 9,659,999 • ATK Rating 67 • ATK 12,182 • DEF Rating 67 • DEF 210
Penetration 60 • Specific Penetration - Fire 0, Ice 0, Lightning 0, Mental 0
Immunity 50 • RES - Fire 80, Ice 60, Lightning 50, Mental 100

If all the summoned monsters are killed within around 8 minutes, a zone notice will announce: Operation of Twisted time 2 hour will stop for 10 mins. The mission duration timer (at top-left of the screen) will stop for 10 minutes of real time. Montoro will not summon during this time. After 10 minutes, the mission duration will start counting once again, and Montoro will summon another wave of monster shortly after (see Section 5 below).

4. Kill Montoro
Once the dispel teams are ready, the main tank then moves up to provoke Montoro. Montoro deals mental damage, so if the main tank is not using Emilia, he should use Spiritual RES Potion or High Spiritual RES Potion (acquired from alchemy).

The dispel teams MUST keep Montoro constantly dispelled at all times. Otherwise, he will ignore the tank and randomly target characters with his skills. How smoothly the raid goes will depend on the dispel teams. Note that when you dispel, you should make sure his red circle is inside the area of effect, and not merely dispel his pointy ass.

Montoro • Lv.160 Undead • Light Armor • None • Large
HP 666,666,688 • ATK Rating 83 • ATK 71,208 • DEF Rating 78 • DEF 144
Penetration 66 • Magic Penetration - Fire 66, Ice 66, Lightning 66, Mental 66
Immunity 66 • RES - Fire 66, Ice 66, Lightning 66, Mental 66

Montoro can inflict [Slow] and [Ritardi] statuses; the latter can be removed with [Recover] skill. If the tank is still moving too slowly, consider using Rainbow Lollipop and/or Hermes Potion. (Red Lollipop duration is too short to be useful.)

At various times, Montoro will say: "That is not enough.", and automatically inflict Lv.12 [Reverse] status on everyone nearby. Since the dispel teams cannot dispel while reversed, Montoro is usually free to randomly target characters with his skills.

If there is Jack (or Yeganeh) in the squad, be sure to build at the side away from the damage teams. So when Montoro reverses, he may sometimes target the enhanced turrets from [Destroyer] stance. The turrets continue to attack even if Jack is reversed, so they will attract his attention eventually.

These constructs have Mental RES 100, so they should be able to keep Montoro occupied for some time, while the squad recovers from [Reverse] status. This improves the survival rate of the dispel/damage teams, allowing faster dispel and more damage output. The same can be done with Auto Baron V, but it only has Mental RES 50.

If Montoro targets any one other than the tank, the target family should NOT run away from Montoro. Doing so will only lure him away from the tank and dispel teams, making provoke difficult and/or causing [Whole Cancellation] to miss. Just die, and ask for resurrection or use Soul Crystal. It is recommended to leave at least one Valeria as far away from Montoro as possible, so that she will not be reversed and attacked. She can then standby to use [Resurrection] on everyone. The support team can also do the same with Rio's [Orpheus] skill.

When Montoro says: "You cannot run away.", it usually means he has changed target and is going to use skills. Do as above, and prioritize reviving the dispel teams.

5. Twisted Time & "Hourly" Summons
If you do not kill Montoro fast, eventually another zone notice will say: Twisted 2 hour is operating now. At the start of each "hour", Montoro will summon a new wave of minions, inflict [Gloomy Present] on all nearby characters, and dispel all non-cash buffs.

If you kill all the minions fast (usually within 8 minutes), eventually a zone notice will say: Operation of twisted time 3 hour will stop for 10 minutes. When this happens, the mission timer will stop counting down for 10 minutes. Montoro will not summon during this time as well.

If additional summons appear, damage teams should kill them first. The secondary tank (if available) can provoke some summoned monsters. Kill those first, so the secondary tank can go and provoke more monsters. The main tank and dispel teams should stay with Montoro. Do NOT leave Montoro alone unattended, otherwise he will start to regenerate really fast.

The 1st hour summon are Crust Polatouche. If you waited as mentioned above, then you don't have to deal with them during Montoro itself. See above for statistics.

The 2nd hour summon are Shadows of Medeia. They knock down a lot. If the main tank is having problem running to Montoro because of all the knock-downs, kill those on the tank first.

Shadow of Medeia • Lv.131 Demon • Soft Armor • None • Medium
HP 2,345,112 • ATK Rating 67 • ATK 18,264 • DEF Rating 65 • DEF 113
Penetration 75 • Magic Penetration - Fire 0, Ice 0, Lightning 0, Mental 0
Immunity 100 • RES - Fire 90, Ice 60, Lightning 90, Mental 90

The 3rd hour summon are Murdur Vordoi. They have very high ATK Rating. If you have Emilia, use [Protection Field] before attacking them. Otherwise, use Blue Lollipop. Murdur Vordoi can drop Constellation Box.

Murdur Vordoi • Lv.131 Demon • Hard Armor • None • Large
HP 1,975,366 • ATK Rating 92 • ATK 25,814 • DEF Rating 67 • DEF 226
Penetration 65 • Magic Penetration - Fire 0, Ice 0, Lightning 0, Mental 0
Immunity 0 • RES - Fire 70, Ice 70, Lightning 70, Mental 0

The 4th hour summon are Scyllas from Hell. They cannot move, but has a pretty long attack range. They spawn around the sides of the circular main chamber.

Scylla from Hell • Lv.132 Demon • Light Armor • None • Small
HP 1,976,640 • ATK Rating 73 • ATK 18,057 • DEF Rating 66 • DEF 114
Penetration 100 • Magic Penetration - Fire 0, Ice 0, Lightning 0, Mental 0
Immunity 100 • RES - Fire 70, Ice 50, Lightning 90, Mental 99

The 5th hour summon are Corpses Completed Version, basically recycled Kingdom Ogres from Prison de Joaquin Basement. They deal physical damage, and have knock-down area skills.

Corpse Completed Version • Lv.132 Human • Heavy Armor • None • Medium
HP 3,210,063 • ATK Rating 73 • ATK 45,805 • DEF Rating 68 • DEF 258
Penetration 50 • Magic Penetration - Fire 0, Ice 0, Lightning 0, Mental 0
Immunity 25 • RES - Fire 70, Ice 70, Lightning 70, Mental 40

The 6th hour summon are Perfect Fordoi. Like the usual ones, they have very high ATK Rating, but low defenses. The idea is to kill them quickly before they kill anyone.

Perfect Fordoi • Lv.133 Demon • Light Armor • None • Small
HP 15,993 • ATK Rating 106 • ATK 93,154 • DEF Rating 66 • DEF 191
Penetration 65 • Magic Penetration - Fire 0, Ice 0, Lightning 0, Mental 0
Immunity 0 • RES - Fire 40, Ice 40, Lightning 40, Mental 75

The 7th hour summon are Hell Lords, basically recycled Bribantra from Corazon de Gigante. They deal mental damage. Compared to earlier summons, they have a lot of HP. It may be better to just let Montoro re-absorb them when he summons Dark Garim.

Hell Lord • Lv.133 Lifeless • Soft Armor • None • Large
HP 32,985,810 • ATK Rating 68 • ATK 46,198 • DEF Rating 68 • DEF 244
Penetration 100 • Magic Penetration - Fire 0, Ice 0, Lightning 0, Mental 0
Immunity 100 • RES - Fire 65, Ice 65, Lightning 65, Mental 40

The 8th hour summon is 1 Dark Garim. As with the regular Garim, it uses physical attacks and has several magic area skills. Again, it has a lot of HP, so you might not want to waste time trying to kill it.

Dark Garim • Lv.134 Wildlife • Light Armor • None • Large
HP 76,826,880 • ATK Rating 77 • ATK 41,580 • DEF Rating 70 • DEF 146
Penetration 125 • Magic Penetration - Fire 0, Ice 0, Lightning 0, Mental 0
Immunity 100 • RES - Fire 90, Ice 90, Lightning 90, Mental 90

The 9th hour summon are Moon Soldiers, similar to Moon Knight in Lucifer Castle.

Moon Soldier • Lv.134 Undead • Heavy Armor • None • Small
HP 30,326,400 • ATK Rating 78 • ATK 54,054 • DEF Rating 75 • DEF 231
Penetration 200 • Magic Penetration - Fire 0, Ice 0, Lightning 0, Mental 0
Immunity 40 • RES - Fire 80, Ice 55, Lightning 80, Mental 50

The 10th and 11th hour summons are unknown. Information needed.

Montoro will continue to summon more monsters until the 11th hour. No more summon at the 12th hour. Screenshots of these later monster stats are needed. Post a link in the comments if you have them. Thanks.

In summary, the main raid procedure goes like this:
  1. Main tank provokes Montoro.
  2. Dispel teams keep Montoro under [Whole Cancellation].
  3. When Montoro summons, damage teams kill the minions, while secondary tank (if any) provokes the minions. Main tank and dispel teams stay with Montoro.
  4. When Montoro reverses, do not run away. Let main tank provokes, and dispel teams dispel first. Any far away Valeria comes back to mass resurrect the dead.
  5. When time stops, just concentrate on attacking Montoro.
  6. Repeat the above steps until Montoro is dead.

Raid video by Anonymous clan.

Montoro always drops 1 [Soul Bringer] stance book. He may also drop the following:
  • Recipe - Strata Devil Weapon (1)
  • Recipe - Strata Devil Armor (1)
  • Recipe - Strata Devil Earring/Necklace or Montoro's Ring (1)
  • Recipe - Strata Devil Boots/Gloves (1)
  • Skill Rings from [Soul Bringer] stance (1-5, drop rate 10% each)
In Japan servers, Montoro also drops a roulette chest. Additional roulette costs 20,000,000 Vis. Known roulette rewards include Elite Le Noir x1, Strata Devil Weapon Material x25 (e.g. Rhodolite of Nephthys), Devil's Dream x3, Symbol of Naraka x3, Growth Stone x5, Wheel of Time x4, Stone of Soul x8, Elemental Jewel x3, Enchantment Chip Veteran x12, Enchantment Chip Expert x9, etc.

Screenshot taken from visiは今日も元気です.

Alternative Trick
0o0Destiny0o0 from IAH forums provided the following trick. I have never tried this, so I'm not sure how easy or user-friendly it is, but you can try it out and video capture to share.

[Source] Montoro will stop summon after 11th summon. But, in every his summon before, lure all mobs to his place so he can disable minion and summon the new wave, after 11th summon, he will stop. if make wrong, he will continue summon his minions.

[Source] I don't know how but you really can kill Montoro easy with my trick, just don't do anything, DO NOT HIT ANY MINI OR MOBS WHICH ARE SUMMONED BY MONTORO. Use 1 fighter to lure those mobs and mini back to Montoro only. You will notice that after every summon, you will see .... was absorbed by Montoro. Just chat chit, do anything you like until 11th summon, Montoro will stop summon, then gather and kill him, hit and run, soul [crystal] and hit, hit and run. It is simple!

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