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Thanksgiving 2013

During Nov 27 - Dec 04, 2013, kill rabbits in field zones for Thanksgiving Rice Cakes (Touch of Heaven buff for 20 min) and Full Moon Piece. Exchange the latter for various items from Event NPC in Reboldoeux.
  • EXP Card Grade 70 - Rice Cake x5
  • Veteran G EXP Card - Rice Cake x50
  • Training Card A - Rice Cake x25
  • Training Card B - Rice Cake x50
  • Korean Traditional Costume (7 days) - Rice Cake x50
  • Korean Traditional Hat (7 days) - Rice Cake x50
  • Rabbit Hairlace (7 days) - Rice Cake x50
  • Brown Bunny Band (7 days) - Rice Cake x50
  • Rabbit Hat (7 days) - Rice Cake x50
  • Mortar (7 days) - Rice Cake x100
  • Full Moon Rabbit Doll (7 days) - Rice Cake x100
  • Korean Traditional Costume (permanent) - Full Moon Piece x50
Korean Traditional Costumes come in 4 types - female elementalist, male fighter, male musketeer, and male scout. You can also get a return package if you have a Lv.10+ family that has not login since Oct 13, 2013.

Cano's Marine Look costume set was supposed to be available for free in Rosa's Note event for every other server... See here for details.

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