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GE Europe 2 Soon

A new publisher will be opening its GE servers for Europe region, after the failed service by RNTS on August 01, 2013. See End of GE Europe for details. The new GE Europe Facebook says on Oct 24, 2013:
Granado Espada Official European Service will be re-launched by EuroGamez GmbH. EuroGamez said that they will launch the English version very soon and the German version and French version will be followed early of next year. 
The teaser site is now online at http://granadoespada.eu/teaser/. The font for Coming soon... looks nice. Anyone knows the font name?

The teaser video features scenes from Bristia 2-2 and Bristia 2-3, so the game version will probably be v19.15 or later. The teaser artwork package can be downloaded here, including 20 large (1200 px) .JPG files.

Interestingly, they actually have a Join Translation Project (German). I hope this means they won't have "Wild Wild Wild Wild Boar" in the game. Will Catherine still be a gangbanger in this version?  They plan to have 3 languages, so presumably there will be at least 3 servers with one for each language... I wonder if this segmentation of player base will cause under-population of the servers.

Hopefully, this new publisher will correct the problems of its predecessor by actively supporting and promoting the game. They should learn from the problems of other existing servers as well. The game is a business, so it's fine if they try to make money out of it, but not at the expense of neglecting the game quality and game balance. Non-cash related bugs and issues should be addressed just as much as cash issues, which sadly isn't what T3Fun is doing. Players won't be so pissed about being milked for their cash, if the non-cash bugs and issues are properly managed instead of being ignored.

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Ashardalon said…
Here is a chance to get a closed beta test key, and an essential item (Lindon Box 5EA).

The winners will be selected on December 8th and contacted by E-mail shortly after. Once we announce the list of winners, they will be asked to contact us by private messages, and send your E-mail there, to protect your privacy (if something changes in the exact date or time, we will notify you).
Ashardalon said…
Alpha Test - Dec 04-07, 2013. CBT will open Dec 10, 2013. Get CBT keys - http://www.granado-espada.eu/event/cbt/en/wcbt_event.asp