Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Agate Angel

We couldn't be bothered to passive train any more, but a few characters still advanced somewhat since last journal entry... Vairocana (Ralph) reached Master Lv.3 from participating in assorted raids. Lolita (Claire) reached Master Lv.3 as well. Mystra (F/Wiz) and Alustriel (ETS) reached Master Lv.5 and Lv.2 respectively in Castilla Tower of Chaos. After running through Castilla Mine, Shotaro (Viki) was promoted to Expert Lv.1. His place was then taken by Archimedes (Jack) who reached Veteran Lv.9.

Why is Barret (Jose) missing a leg?!

The cannon users purchased Angel Cassiel's Cannon and L'Activite de L'Agate, upgrading from their previous +7 Conqueror Cannons. We also crafted a new robe, but it consumed almost 800+ chips and it still has crap enchantment... So Tethys (ATP) had to spam Occulta Bounty Hunts for chips, and the only worthwhile thing from roulette was Crafted Psychokinesis RES Necklace.

Mufasar dropped Recipe - Magic Leather Belt, and a crap load of rubbish like Lv.84 elite equipment and Lv.92 elite armor recipes as usual. We got War Prominence, Elite Daemon Slayer, and Recipe - Elite Le Noir (mus) from Legendary/Heavenly Gold Box in Crow Forest mission, as well as Golden Fists from Joaquin Underground Prison.

Nothing much to say, really. Since there was no update, it was just the same thing day in and day out...

The last boxes of the series - Raiden's Dominion And Quinzel's Legacy X (250 Gold) - were released on June 20, featuring Angel Dagger, Jewel Great Sword, Dragon's Eye Bracelet, and The Philosophy of Ventuamos (rapier costume). The maintenance patch also added textures and models for Fallen Angel's Curse Weapons and a few others (e.g. Assembly Bangle). When Arcana Weapons become available, they would probably be the nerfed versions mentioned here, i.e. with the skill level increase replaced by ATK +5%. See Web Games labelled posts for more on these weapons.