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Darkness vs. Monsters & New Rings

In v10.19.1, there are 2 changes that received attention in Play Forum Feature Articles.

[Darkness] Debuff Skills
The debuff skills from [Darkness] stance has been modified to be able to affect normal monsters. However, the probability of debuff on bosses is still near-zero. What's the point, really? Normal mobs die relatively fast, making it more trouble than it's worth to debuff them. Well, maybe if they will work on the mobs (e.g. Vampire Bats) in Lucifer Castle, which have stupidly high hit points... Supposedly, the skills will work on the mobs in Castilla missions as well.

The sample videos showed [Darkness] skills working on mobs in Red Sunset Forest, (Revised) Dr. Torsche's Mansion Annex, and Occulta Bounty Hunter mission. On the other hand, they didn't work on Demonic Necroshaman and Heavenly Vespanola Soldiers. See 몬스터들과 조우한 다크니스, 과연 for videos and details.

Improved Enhanced Stance Rings
Precious Metal Merchants can craft Improved Enhanced Stance Ring, requiring 2 Enhanced Stance Rings + 2 Elemental Jewels. These new rings can be enchanted with Stat +2 (STR, INT, etc.) and the following:
  • Melee Stance Rings - Max HP 1500-3000, Max SP 50-250, Shoot Damage Reduction 2-7%
  • Shoot Stance Rings - Max HP 1000-2500, Max SP 50-250, Magic Damage Reduction 2-7% 
  • Magic Stance Rings - Max HP 500-1500, Max SP 100-400, Melee Damage Reduction 2-7%  
Job Skill Rings can also be crafted, involving Veteran Enchant Chips, Black Oxide, and 2 Elemental Jewels. See 두 마리의 나쁜 토끼가 된 신규 스탠스 링 제작 for more details.


Sjhkitten said…
You have Melee Stance rings listed twice where you are listing the enchantments the new Improved Enhanced Rings can receive. It doesn't seem like those rings would really be worth it unless you just happened to have some very cheap rings.
Ashardalon said…
Oh. The 3rd one should be magic instead of melee. Thanks for pointing out.
Sjhkitten said…
Yeah, I figured that's what it was, since it seems magic stance rings seem to get lower ranges for their HP enchantment possibilities. I don't think that's quite fair, but not everything will always be fair. Thanks for your hard work on this blog :)