[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

Weakened LOE Normal Attacks

I have decided to translate an article from the Chinese site Blue Moon Waltz, since this may have significant concerns for many players on the English servers. See Lord of Elemental & Forgotten Magic Are Nerfed In v10.16.3 for the original article in Chinese.

In v10.16.3, IMC has reduced the damage of normal attacks for [Elemental Lord] and [Forgotten Magic] stances. The damage reduction was reportedly about 50%.

Players of Japanese servers have raised questions concerning the nerf, and the issue was referred back to IMC. The reply was that the previous normal attack damage was an "abnormal state", and the correction in v10.16.3 was considered to be the proper one. All regional editions of the game will receive the same correction when they update to v10.16.3. [Source]

Additional Notes
After the v10.16.3 nerf, [Activator] stance has the best normal attack damage out of all stances using elemental bracelets. After the clarification by IMC, the Japanese admin conducted a normal attack damage test against Lv.125 Sphinx, using the following standards: 

Family Level: 40
Character Level: Master Lv.10 (INT +30)
Weapon(s): +6 The Delphinus (ATK 40%, Penetration +18)
Buff: Lv.12 Principal, Steroid Potion (aka Boost Potion, Hrin's Potion)

The resulting normal attack damages are as follow:
  • Elementalist's pre-nerf [Elemental Lord] + [Flare] = 4,353
  • Helena's pre-nerf [Forgotten Magic] + [Flare] = 5,219
  • Catherine INT's post-nerf [Activator] + [Dream of Doll] = 5,122
This means post-nerf [Activator] damage is slightly less then pre-nerf [Forgotten Magic], but is still superior to pre-nerf [Elemental Lord]. The Japanese admin recommended players to switch to using [Activator] instead, and offered a compensation scheme available during a limited period.
  1. Catherine INT Character Card and [Activator] stance book will be available for sale at Leonardo for a total of 10,000,000 vis.
  2. Each family that has at least 1 Catherine INT character will receive Training Card G x33, Home Premium Service (3 days) x3, Socket Flux (Event) x10, and Enchant Sedative (Event) x30.
  3. Players who have acquired [Activator] stance book via quest may request a trade to any one of the other 3 stances for Catherine through customer service.* 
The above compensation scheme is implemented only in Japanese servers. Korean servers do not have such compensation, so you probably shouldn't expect it for Singapore or United States servers either. In any case, v10.16.3 seems like a looooooooong way off for G1.

P/S (*): This seems suspiciously like once you completed the quest to get one book, you cannot get any of the others?  For the quests to acquire Catherine's Expert stance book, see カトリーヌ: 教本取得クエスト (Japanese).


Christus X said…
well each family can only create 1 catherine thru quest so definitely its only 1 catherine that you can put an exclusive stance thru quest.

But I don't really agree to the nerf (or corrections as what they always say) because elementalist and hellena are unique characters themselves and can't be compared to catherine INT. they have pros/cons. they should not put more cons on any of the three.
Young said…
what about Ocult Magic?
Ashardalon said…
No change for Magic of Occultism.
Chinese quest for Cath Expert Stance - see here. Quest is not repeatable, and you can only get 1 book per family.