[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

Imperial Wheel V: July 2012

Imperial Wheel V (Japan) has been updated until August 01, 2012. Scarlet Admiral Costume (F/Mus) is also included among the loot. See GMガイズの新34等級武器・コスチュームご紹介 for more weapon details and costume screenshots. In addition, the chance of getting +8 weapons has been reduced by 1%. See 武器交換チケット「付与強化値確率変更」について for details.

Soul Bringer Set
[Soul Bringer] Stance Book • Enhanced [Soul Bringer] Stance Ring

Jormungand Pet Set
Pet Box (Black Dragon) • Pet Food x50

Black Dragon Javelin 
Weapon Costume • Javelin

Black Dragon Pistol 
Weapon Costume • Pistol

Black Dragon Sabre 
Weapon Costume • Sabre

Evil's Regret
Weapon Costume • Tonfa

Abyssinian Summer Costume Set
Body Costume + Hair • Veatrice

Mary's Summer Costume Set
Body Costume + Hair • Mary

Baby Doll Costume
Body Costume • Catherine (Summoner)

Rad'light Javelin
Javelin • ATK Rating 34 • ATK 295
ATK Speed +10%, Critical +10
[Focus] Buff • ATK Speed +10%, Critical +50, Penetration +15

Feoh'light Rod
Rod • ATK Rating 34 • ATK 335
ATK Speed +10%, Mental RES +10, Magic Penetration +5
[Wasting Power] Buff • Depletes SP for increased damage

Sigel'light Leg-Guard
Gaiters • ATK Rating 34 • ATK 175
ATK Speed +10%, Absorb HP 5%, DEF Penetration +5, DEF +8
[Check] Buff • ATK +10%, x2 damage to [Menace] debuffed foes


IAHed said…
Is it legal for Japan to get content that was designed for an SGE-only event by an SGE player? Will the person who designed the Cath costume get some royalties?
Minun said…
"• IAH/IMC reserves the right to print, publish and modify winning entries."

^From the contest page. http://ge.iahgames.com/news/newsArticle.aspx?id=1225

And since jGE/kGE publishers are of the same branch.. Japan and Korea can get pretty much everything we do, but we may not get all what they do.

I understand it's very "open" concerning the legal rights here, but I'm sure there's something in pretty much every gamepublishers ToS and legal statements that makes them available to use and redistribute anything related to the game, if it's usercreated and posted on their forum, in a contest, as email to them or such.
Ashardalon said…
This isn't the first time Baby Doll costume made its appearance outside of sGE, btw. It was also released in kGE during April in Magic Circle 28.

Plus, Scarlet Admiral is also a player-designed costume (Russia) available in this month's web game.