Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Sword 137: Black Reaper

Quetzalcoatl (Nar) borrowed a +7 Cha'ac's Vengeance (aka Hestia) to finally master his Waxing (aka Semilunar) stance. Ishtar (Valleria) reached Expert Lv.2, and started training Enhanced Tactics (Lv.1 → 23) stance. The family also recruited Ryuk (Lv.60 Kurt), who was named after the black death god featured in Death Note manga. Together, they spent a day in the Secret Citadel within Caebolan, and Ryuk (Kurt) eventually reached Expert Lv.1 and acquired Grim Rapiere (Lv.1 → 22) stance. Also, Sir Lyndon will refuse to speak with the family, if either baron character is in the team.

Ryuk (Kurt) with Hellspit (fire rapier) and The Wasp (lightning rapier); Rem (Eduardo) with Enhanced Silver Baron.

The weekly raid loot for this week consisted of Symbol of Aquarius and Symbol of Cancer from Team Arena, Symbol of Taurus, Symbol of Virgo, and Elite Le Blanc (wiz) Recipe from Griffon mission, Marcia Poleax Recipe and Qualified Belt from Joaquin Underground Prison, Elite Le Noir (mus) Recipe and Artisan's Leather Belt Recipe from Torsche's Basement, and Elite Variltorta Recipe from Arsene's Secret Vault.

The family bought Grim Rapiere Ring and Augury (aka Occult Assistance) Ring. Adorabelle (f/ele) upgraded the latter ring, and accidentally clicked too fast while enchanting, wiping out INT+2 enchantment and wasting 245 Veteran Enchantment Chips. *head desk*

The family experienced 3 disconnections this week. One Joaquin raid failed (time out) because the squad was reduced to 2 families by the time we get to Testormento as a result of disconnections by squad members. The massive lag didn't help either.


Gilitis said…
Sorry for the ring, lol :S
Sacred said…
Happened the same with a ET rings.. Since then I wait for each option to pop up >_>