Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Sword 136: Jormongand

Maimonides (m/mus) trained Loki (Tiburon) until the latter reached Lv.100, while Ishtar (Valleria) reached Veteran Lv.5. Karjalesia (Karjalain) crafted Gold Earring for Qilue (f/sco).

The weekly loot were Symbol of Sagittarius, Symbol of Capricorn, and Symbol of Aquarius from Team Arena, The Diamond Dragon (rifle) from Lightning Gate, Hell Spit (rapier) from Fire Gate mission, Le Noir (fig) from Uraeus mission, Symbol of Aquarius from Griffon mission, Eye of Veilant Recipe (great sword) from Joaquin Underground Prison, and Crafted Key [Room of the Dead] from Accursed Skeleton Dungeon. The family has used up all its Expedition Memos, so there won't be any more Uraeus mission for a while. And of course, the last Uraeus mission drops 2 Mega Talt again. God forbids that the snake should drop any Constellation Box.

Karjalesia (Karjalain) crafted Jormongand Mark, and the bored Masters ventured into the Lair of Jormongand in Vegas Javier (F12) using up 500 Reputation Points. They fought through Reydeavaricia (i.e. Rey de Avaricia, Spanish for King of Greed), Fire Turrets, Pollux, and Elminor, as well as guarded a Sealed Crystal entrapping King of Greed. Eventually, they reached Jormongand, the dragon of Vegas Javier which was named after the Midgard Serpent of Norse mythology.

After killing the dragon, its treasure hoard consisted of only 4 L100 Enchantment Chips, 5 L92 Enchantment Chips, and 2 L84 Elite Armor Recipes. Using Mysterious Key (50k feso) on the Mysterious Box yielded 1 Triumph Filler (30k feso). Supposedly, the box can also drop one of the old cash shop costumes which were removed from the cash shop. But seriously, for a 120-minutes mission supporting up to 30 families, this is totally stupid. I know it is an old raid, but they really should update the loot table. Even Arsene's Circus has better loot. For more on this raid, see [v2.6 Feature] Garim's Nest and 魔域麒麟巢穴.

The family took a bunch of Socket Fluxes to Claire and attempted socket opening on a few items. The 3rd socket of The Leadership of Hamal (polearm) was opened after 21 attempts. The 3rd socket of Adorabelle's (f/ele) new robe was opened after 12 attempts. The 2nd and 3rd sockets of The Accuracy of Pegasus (crossbow) were opened after 4 and 6 attempts respectively. The 2nd socket of The Judgment of Bywn (staff) was also opened after 5 attempts.

The family submitted an entry for Hippies of the New World contest. Mystra (f/wiz) modeled for the shot as a tree-hugger fighting against deforestation.

The family experienced 4 disconnections this week.


Sesomaru said…
Is the Tower in FG mission still attackble,was suppose to change in some patch but didt give it a try yet?
Ashardalon said…
The last tower you activate can be attacked by the mobs.