Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Sword 135: Destruction of Steel

Lara (Brunie) was promoted to Expert Lv.1, after training Hermes (Ramiro) to Lv.100. Ishtar (Valleria) reached Veteran Lv.4.

Adorabelle (f/ele) re-enchanted her +6 The Delphinus (LOE bracelet) to ATK + ATK Rating, using another 131 Veteran Enchantment Chips and Enchant Boosters. It was then successfully upgraded to +7, using 40 Upgrade Accelerators and 4 Lacquers +6: Expert. Her new armor was enchanted with DEF Rating +3 after 2 Enchantment Chips and Enchant Boosters. The extra Evasion seemed kind of useless on robes though. It was upgraded to +7 after using 240 Upgrade Accelerators, 5 Lacquers +5: Veteran, and 8 Lacquers +6: Veteran. The 2nd socket was opened after 10 attempts.

The raids for this week yielded Symbol of Pisces, Symbol of Virgo, and Le Noir (mus) Recipe from Team Arena, Lightning Gun and Artisan's Shoe Recipe from Lightning Gate, Elite Destruction of Steel (great sword) from Joaquin Underground Prison, Symbol of Pisces and Symbol of Cancer from Griffon, and Le Noir (ele) Recipe from Swamp Angler. The family was being flooded with Honor Cards and Ancient Star Orb Boxes. Well, at least that great sword looks really nice. I have always liked its shape. The Masters also returned to Castilla Tower of Chaos for more Lv.84 Elite Equipment and Pure Gold Bars. Someone in the squad managed to "kite" Jellyfish (Lv.150 Golem).

I'm finding the Castilla Exploration Recruit Soldier in Coimbra to be a bit of a nuisance. She talks way too much. You need to click 3 times and select 3 options just to move to Castilla Garrison 1. It's just so troublesome. After the first time you talked to her, she should just skip all that introductory text and go straight to something simple like "Move to Castilla Garrison 1? Yes/No".

The family experienced 3 disconnections this week.


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