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The Ultimate Dish!

From now until May 5, 2011, Granado Espada (Singapore) is having The Ultimate Dish! event, whereby players can spam cash shop to get random event items. Collect a certain set of items fast and win prizes (while stock last). The top prizes include iPad2, Elite Le Noir (DR 32), Angel Polearm (AR 33), Greek Croma Recipe (DR 33), and Asoka Card.

This is basically a remake of the old cash shop spamming events, like Leonora's Knowledge (July 2010) and Help Efreet Become King (Dec 2009). Like the previous events, certain event items are likely to have very low drop rate, enticing spending players to spend even more to make the most of it. See Gambler's Fallacy for this mindset. The worst part of it is that you need to collect the item set fast, ahead of other players. Since the item set is somewhat worthless after the prize has been claimed, this resulted in a sort of feeding frenzy. Obviously, this type of events is successful (in terms of profits for IAHGames), hence the remakes of the same event year after year.

Update: All 5 ELN armors were claimed within 1 day for Rembrandt server. [Source] Some players are just overly rich. See also IAH PWNfilo Event PWNs Player Wallets: Will Sword 2 Seize the Opportunity?.

GM Cheats
The account that claimed iPad2 turned out to be a GM's account. Actions have been taken against said IAH employee. The item will be considered unclaimed and thus subject to lucky draw. [Source] The event has been extended to May 19, 2011. [Source]


IAHed said…
Thanks for the shout out!

(And for the reference to Gambler's Fallacy).

The events in sGE have a way of making people feel sad and depressed. Even if this kind of event is relatively successful for IAH, I doubt they keep IAH in the black. This business model always fails in the long run.