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Resale Scam

I came across a player called 4lyfe, a Lv.3 family who may have an alternate family called gunzforlife in Orpesia server. I think he is possibly a scammer, as he tried his scamming trick on me a couple of days ago.

Here is how it works:
  1. Scammer places an item (e.g. +6 Lv.28 dagger) with the market manager at a very high price, using the anonymous seller option.
  2. Scammer pretends to be noob, not knowing how to use the market (or just can't see the item), then asks the potential victim to buy such an item for him.
  3. If the victim buys the item for re-sale to the scammer, the scammer pretends to AFK or logs out completely, leaving the victim with a useless over-priced item.
Luckily for me, I didn't buy his stupid dagger. Unfortunately, it seems many people were scammed and are still getting scammed. And please do not say it's the players' own fault for being so stupid that they got scammed. Remember, stupidity is neither a crime nor a moral defect. Scamming is definitely either one or the other, if not both.

Beware, pioneers of Orpesia! It is sad to see scamming occurs everywhere in every server.

What can you do if you encounter him or one of his incarnates?
  1. Ignore him. "That's your own problem" is an attitude that works~! ^^
  2. Toy with him. Raise his hopes of a successful scam, then disappoint him.
  3. Undercut his market price. For example, if he is selling a +6 dagger for 500k vis, sell one for 50k vis.