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Sword of the New World Voice Pack (v2.6)

This is the se.ipf file from Sword of the New World (v2.6), the North America/Europe (NA/EU) version of Granado Espada. The file contains various .wav files, which can be extracted with IPF Extractor.

In this version, Catherine sounds really confused. Every time she is selected, she says in a rather blur voice, "What should I do??" A very confused girl.

To install, download all 3 .rar files and then extract se.ipf file (247 MB) into Granado Espada\ge folder with WinRAR. Backup the original file first, if desired.

Part 1Part 2Part 3

Note that modification of the game client is technically illegal. You might also be interested in Japanese & Korean Voice Packs blog entry as well.


phoese said…
hello,I am so glad to come here and I surprise to find out the se.ipf of NA.Thanks to sharing!while viki's voice sounds strange.
Anyway,thanks a lot!