Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Underground Relics

Since my new Catherine has reached Lv.58, it is time to revisit the Underground Relics. Underground Relics (also called Dungeon Ruins and Sacred Dungeon) is a dungeon filled with various kinds of skeletons (Lv.58-61 Undead), ideal for training mid-level characters. The skeleton mobs have nasty knock-back skills, so it may be advisable to bring a scout in case a character dies. The normal mobs drop gold piece, refined aidanium, piece of ruby, Lv.60-64 equipment, and Lv.56 enchantment chip.

To open the Underground Relics, you must drop the Key of Dungeon Ruins on the stone marker in Pradera de Ceniza (E5, channel 1 ONLY). The key is dropped by monsters in the same map. Once the entrance is opened, the key is "consumed" and a server-wide notice will flash at the top of every player's screen.

[Notice] FAMILYNAME Family has opened the Entrance of Underground Relics.

At this point, everyone may enter the dungeon through the stone marker without having to use a key. 10 minutes after the 1st notice, another notice will be shown.

[Notice] The Entrance of Dungeon Ruins will be closed soon.

About 1 minute after the 2nd notice, everyone will be notified of the closure of the dungeon.

[Notice] The Entrance of Dungeon Ruins is now closed.

You appear on a safe platform at H3 of the map. As you move south, you will be warped below the platform around H4. You may stay in the dungeon for as long as you like. But once you leave, you may not re-enter the dungeon unless someone opens the entrance again. You may not save a warp point in the dungeon.

The map has a mini-boss, Skeleton Knight (Lv.62), which often spawns in the leftmost side of the map. If you kill the mini-boss, lots of treasure chests will appear. Destroy the chests and loot, thereafter you will be banished from the dungeon.


Elieson said…
Hello! I like how detailed your blog/guide is on GE! Thanks for the time put into it.

However, I wanted to add for this particular article that after you kill the Skeleton Knight, and seize its treasure, you aren't banished immediately. When the timer runs out on the chests, they explode and send you flying out (often before you have time to pick everything up). If you run a decent distance away from the chests before the time runs out (useful with Catherine since her dolls will continue to break the chests while you're a safe distance away), then you will be able to stay in the dungeon after they all go boom.