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Starstorm Archive

Since I have pretty much retired the Starstorm family in Carracci server, I made an inventory of the stuffs I had. It's not much, but well, here they are.

Family Name: Starstorm_2 (See Name Change - IAH'ed)
Server: Carracci
Family Level: 14
Faction: None
Character Slot: 10
Personal Shop Slot: 4
Family Reputation: 1857

Female Fighter - Veteran 72% ~ STR+1
Catherine - Veteran 71% ~ CHA+1
Female Scout - Veteran 7% ~ CON+1
M'Boma - Veteran 4% ~ INT+1
Catherine INT - Veteran 41% ~ INT+1
Viki - Veteran 22% ~ CHA+1
Bernelli - Lv.84
Idge - Lv.84
Emilia - Lv.68
Elementalist - Lv.1

Lv.84 +5 Elite Plate, DEF 18 Movement 20%
Lv.84 +5 Elite Ring Mail, DEF 18 MaxHP 22%
Lv.84 +6 Elite Ring Mail, DEF 19
Lv.84 +5 Elite Robe of Pluto, DR+3
Lv.84 +6 Elite Robe of Pluto, DEF 15
Lv.84 +5 Elite Alegrias, DR+2
Lv.84 Elite Robe of Neptune
Lv.84 +4 Elite Laranja e Preto, DEF 20
Lv.68 +4 Elite Studded-leather Armor, DEF 17
Lv.68 Elite Justocorps, DEF 14

Lv.100 +5 Bracelet of 3 Kings ~ ATK 32% Darkness 10% +39% ATK to Daemons
Lv.92 +4 Elite Morgenstern ~ ATK Speed 30% Stun 8%
Lv.88 +6 Bronze Caliburn ~ DR+2
Lv.84 +6 Wooden Controller ~ AR+1
Lv.84 Wooden Controller
Lv.84 +6 Elite Broinac ~ ATK 21% Ice+14
Lv.92 +5 Gaze of Fallen Angel ~ ATK 30% AR+1 Hole of Darkness +1
Lv.92 +6 Lancelot's Arondight ~ ATK 46% ATK Speed 5%
Lv.92 Executioner Rifle ~ ATK 45% Critical +10 Execution Shooter +1
Lv.92 Baroque Lute ~ ATK 48% ATK Speed 20%

Lv.92 Elite Castor Guard
Lv.84 Elite Royal Guardian
Lv.60 +6 Templar Guard ~ DEF 5 DR+2
Lv.72 +6 Royal Guardian ~ Block +9 DR+2

Lv.44 Idge's Boots ~ MaxHP 5%
Lv.40 Hard-leather Boots ~ DEF 4 MaxHP 5%
Lv.40 Hard-leather Boots ~ Movement 10% MaxHP 3%
Lv.40 Leather Boots ~ MaxHP 10%
Lv.80 Leather Boots ~ MaxHP 7%
Physical RES Necklace (5%) x2

Scout Rings - Intensify, Fortify, Acceleration, Resuscitation, Miembro Invisible, Viento Fantasma
Fighter Rings - Deep Straight x2, Bahia Marcha, Fury, Genocide, Gladiator's Bane, Penta-Train x2, Slash Down
Elementalist Rings - Absolute Zero, Electric Charger, Meteor Strike, Ice Wave, Thunderstorm, Frost Cloud
Wizard Rings - Spiritual Shield, Energy Shield, Invisible Stalker
Musketeer Rings - Charging Shot, Precision Strike, Head Shot
RNPC Rings - Victor Control x2, Atomic Crazy Rush, Brandish x2, Spike Trap

Costumes - Sunset Stripe Suit Costume, Mutation Scout Costume, Croc Leather Costume, Original Fighter Jacket (F), Original Wizard Coat (F), Original Scout Suit (F), Original Musketeer Uniform (M), Santa Costume for Scout
Hats - A Witch's Hat, Wreath, Bear Hat, White Bear Hat, Gray Feather Hat (female scout), Diego's Hat, Santa's Hat x3, Halloween Pumpkin Hat x3
Hair - Gray Layered Shaggy Cut (female fighter)

Misc - Veteran Promotion Scroll x3, Expert Promotion Scroll x3, Barrack Slot x2, Forgotten Territory Pass x3, Enchantment Tranquillizer x8, Enhancement Booster x40
Consume - Soul Crystal x17, Hrin's Ampule x26, Hrin's Potion x11, Progressive Health Filler x234, Progressive Soul Filler x169, Hermes Potion x11, Defensive Filler x3, Triumph Filler x34, Reboldoeux Return Sheet x16, Coimbra Return Sheet x11, Auch Return Sheet x12
Glazium - Lv.1 Glazium x74, Lv.20 Glazium x98, Lv.40 Glazium x107, Lv.60 Glazium x136, Lv.80 Glazium x44, Lv.100 Glazium x63
G-Point x185

Interchange Lv.4 x10, Interchange Lv.1 x6, Trinity Lv.2 x2, Highway Lv.2 x1, Spotlight Lv.1 x5, Joaquin Barrier Defensive Warfare x1

Chips - Lv.100 enchantment chip x33, Lv.84 enchantment chip x62
Keys - Key of Bellem x5, Key to Capybara x8, Key [Corridor of Assize] x2, Inmate's Locker Key x1, Fire Orb x1
Gems - Ruby x15, HQ Ruby x9, Sapphire x15, Emerald x23
Spirit Stones - Porto Bello Spirit Stone, Joaquin Prison Spirit Stone
Viki's Stones - Mustang Core x100, Treasure Core x220, Hill Giant Summon Stone x139, Otite Piece x10,684
Recipes - Queen's Sword, Elite Laranja e Preto, Elite Revolver, Elite Sage Rod, Elite Justocorps, Elite Robe of the Yeti
Mega Ores - Mega Ionium x173, Mega Aidanium x249, Mega Etretanium x316
Katovic Stuffs - Golden Apple x3, Red Jewel Fragment x1, Cabbage x15, Beet x5, etc.
Rare Books - Rare Book of Combat x1, Rare Book of Magic x2, Rare Book of Shooting x5
Others - Snail Skin x2, Gold Bar x750, Pure Otite x75
101m vis

Andre, Bernelli, Brunie, Soldier x3, Ramiro, Tiburon x2, Jack x2, Diego x2, Panfilo, Jose, Adelina x2, M'Boma, Soho x3, Alejandro, Lisa x2, Emilia x2, Gracielo, Trooper x2, Romina, Auch Infantry x2


DeSanggria said…
*salivating over your items*

LOL. ah..being poor sucks. XD