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Client Configuration Window

I stumbled upon an old thread here in the IAHGames forums, concerning a problem that I had as well. The game client configuration window is not optimized for 1024x768 resolution, resulting in an elongated window which extends beyond the screen.

Viper17 has kindly provided a solution using an alternative geconfig.exe file. Simply download the file and replace the one in Granado Espada\release folder. Backup original file first, if desired.


DeSanggria said…
omg this is what i was looking for!!! i've always been annoyed by that super long dialogue box & i can't customize the game client (i.e., lower the resolution, etc.).

thank you SO much for this!!!
Anonymous said…
hey dude....um...well I download it and put it on my folder and switch it. I kept the old one in case of anything messed up. So yeah i switched it and when I click config, it pop up the same thing as the same bottom picture bellow it and all i see is just numbers and letters that i can't understand....please help!
Ashardalon said…
It sounds like a language issue. Check your Windows regional settings.

You can also edit the settings manually by opening Granado Espada\release\user.xml with Notepad.