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Island of Fire Zones

Since I'm training a set of new characters, I have decided to copy this over for ease of reference. I always found this map from Sannpomiti very useful for deciding when to go to which zone in the Island of Fire. I'm not too sure what the tick represents, but possibly the area where the boss spawns. You may not change channel in this map.

Free Zone (Lv.66-76) provides Lv.64-76 chips, pure talt, bulk of silver, etc.

Zone 1 (Lv.78-88) requires a key costing 100,000 vis, and is a good place to farm Lv.84-88 chips. You may get Lv.92 unique weapons as well.

Zone 2 (Lv.90-100) requires a key costing 500,000 vis, and is good for farming Lv.92-100 chips.

Zone 3 (Lv.105-108) requires a key costing 800,000 vis, and is a place for farming veteran boots and gloves. You may get Lv.88 chips as well.